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7500 year old cyberdragon recovering identity
Welcome to the journal of Zon 14, the Internet's best kept open secret!

Wow, it's 2011 now, so it's time to update this blurb yet again. Looks like I skipped 2010 altogether. Whoops!

Still driving a truck for Schneider National, which explains the sudden dropoff in posts around July of 2004. The work plans changed since 2005 though. It looks more and more like this is a long term solution, rather than a short term one. That means most of what you read on this journal is coming to you from the road, and I usually will let you know exactly where. And now not only that, now plans are in the works to purchase my own truck, and becoming an owner operator. This is still a few years off, but the fund for it's growing slowly. Yes I'll need more than just the purchase price for initial operating capital and setup expenses, but there ya are.

Oh yes, and me as seen on Meez.com. That's the closest I could come to my own Rickenbacker 4001. It's got a natural wood finish, but they didn't have that color on the site. Meh.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Out of practice magician(planetary, angelic, kabbalah, kemetic, chaos, and a partridge in a pear tree), semi practicing musician(bass, guitar, flute, keys, voice, yadda yadda yadda), fully functioning lazyass needing to get a novel or two of his published. Maybe this will be the year! Finally?

Oh yes, forgot to add this little blurb in. Figured it was time.

Spiritual Father: Ptah.
Spiritual Mother: Sesheta aka Seshat
Beloveds: Nebet-Het, Iset, possibly others.
Protector and Teacher: Sutekh

I don't make every post public, but the vast majority are. Feel free to add me as a friend. I usually don't post tests and surveys either.

Any constructive comments are welcome. I also realize you are under no obligation to respond to me, and taking the time to do so gives me more desire to keep on posting.

For those of you astrologically inclined:

Natal Chart Data, Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Houses, Mean Node, Geocentric

Birthdate: October 11, 1967
Time of Birth: 6:37am
Place of Birth: Charlottesville, VA (USA)

Ascendant: 08 degrees 12 minutes Libra
Sun: 17 degrees 26 minutes Libra
South Node: 28 degrees 19 minutes Libra (retrograde)
2nd House: 5 degrees 17 minutes Scorpio
Mercury: 12 degrees 30 minutes Scorpio
Neptune: 22 degrees 46 minutes Scorpio
3rd House: 6 degrees 3 minutes Sagittarius
Vesta: 18 degrees 32 minutes Sagittarius
Mars: 21 degrees 33 minutes Sagittarius
4th House: 9 degrees 16 minutes Capricorn
Moon: 28 degrees 51 minutes Capricorn
5th House: 12 degrees 16 minutes Aquarius
6th House: 12 degrees 21 minutes Pisces
Chiron: 28 degrees 38 minutes Pisces (retrograde)
7th House: 8 degrees 12 minutes Aries
Saturn: 8 degrees 21 minutes Aries (retrograde)
North Node: 28 degrees 19 minutes Aries (retrograde)
8th House: 5 degrees 17 minutes Taurus
9th House: 6 degrees 3 minutes Gemini
Earth: 26 degrees 47 minutes Gemini
10th House: 9 degrees 16 minutes Cancer
11th House: 12 degrees 16 minutes Leo
Jupiter: 28 degrees 38 minutes Leo
Pallas Athena: 29 degrees 24 minutes Leo
Venus: 5 degrees 4 minutes Virgo
12 House: 12 degrees 21 minutes Virgo
Pluto: 21 degrees 25 minutes Virgo
Ceres: 22 degrees 0 minutes Virgo
Uranus: 26 degrees 15 minutes Virgo
Juno: 7 degrees 46 minutes Libra

Get your own code!

Zon 14 cabal 12 district Omega 3 galaxy Xi 305 dimension Epsilon Tau Rho 4069

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

Forgive the ancientness of my personal web pages. They've needed updating for over a decade now.
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