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Oh Yeah. Fourth Meditation Iteration - Messages From Another Time and Place

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February 18th, 2017

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12:53 am - Oh Yeah. Fourth Meditation Iteration
I've incorporated a bit of "The Fire Mist Meditation" from Nicki Scully's "Alchemical Healing", but overall the process is still mostly my own. So...

Part 1 - Drawing the Light Down

  1. Visualize light from the cosmos gathering above your head. When it feels like it's gained the right brightness and intensity, draw down a straight beam of it into the 7th chakra, where it again swirls and builds.

  2. When it has gained enough, either speak aloud or silently think "My light is divine light. My spirit is divine spirit"

  3. The light comes down to the six chakra. Once again, when it's gained enough strength speak or think "My mind is divine mind. My thoughts are divine thoughts."

  4. For the fifth chakra "My voice is divine voice. My words are divine words."

  5. For the fourth chakra "My heart is divine heart. My love is divine love."

  6. For the third chakra "My will is divine will."

  7. For the second chakra "My creation is divine creation."

  8. For the first chakra "My life is divine life."

Note: For the wording, I tried to make it so that there's no separation between us and the divine. It's a tricky wording, but true. The divine and we are truly one.

Part 2 - Bringing the Earth Energy Up (Fire Mist integration)

    Now the energy continues to descend, down...down...down still further till it reaches the very center of the earth, that hot, glowing core. Once it touches that spot, it begins to rise back up the path we traced down.
  1. It builds once it hits the first chakra, nourishing, expanding, strengthening the work the divine light has begun. Once you feel a good point has been reached, speak or think "I live as the divine."

  2. The energy rises again, to the second chakra, and once again nourishing, expanding, strengthening and stabilizing the work begun. Speak or think "I create as the Divine."

  3. At the third chakra "I will as the divine."

  4. At the fourth chakra "I love as the divine."

  5. At the fifth chakra "I express as the divine."

  6. At the sixth chakra "I think as the divine."

  7. At the seventh chakra "I illuminate as the divine."

  8. The light then erupts out the crown, raining down onto you, and from the palms of your hands, even your fingertips. I always see it as hot lava, ready to fertilize and build, bring whatever's necessary to where it's needed. Think loudly that one word of healing only you know.

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