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Review by the Grouch. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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February 12th, 2017

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12:23 am - Review by the Grouch.
Tonight's subject - the movie "La La Land"

I dunno. It seemed like kind of a mess to me. One telling comment made towards the beginning about a combination samba/tapas place. "This place worships everything, and values nothing." That's kinda how the film seemed to me. The scope simply was too large and tried to stuff too much into what time it did have. Even though Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were perfectly cast for their roles, they couldn't lift the mess of a plot out of the mire it found itself lodged in.

That, and the ending just made me at first go "Well, ya makes yer choices and ya takes yer lumps." I'm sure lots would have been disappointed in the ending, but for me it was like "Yeah, sometimes in pursuing your dreams you pay a price. It's not always sweetness and light."
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