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So how DID it all go, anyway? - Messages From Another Time and Place

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January 2nd, 2017

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02:14 pm - So how DID it all go, anyway?
Yeah I know most of the time it feels like too much work for too little pleasure, but all in all I do think this was one of the more memorable and enjoyable New Year's I've had in a long time. We had live entertainment this year, all our own! We only paid for two hours, but I swear he went on for more like four. So yay! John English "The Voice" of Frank Sinatra. I'm more than pleased towards the end he sang that one song I'll have to look up. Please stand by.

Got it. Frank Sinatra - One For My Baby(And One More For the Road)

I myself had two wardrobe changes during all this. First was just black jeans and shirt for a group meditation based on Nikki Scully's "Planetary Healing" with the mate reading and singing the vocal parts. After that, the eating, drinking, and making merry started, and the music started. Well, it's Frank, so what do YOU expect I'd wear? Yup. My black suit and a fedora, looking like a hood from Philly. HA! Third was donning my black robe and cloak to come out as the old year going away. Get outta here, 2016. Your time is done.

So. Fun! Pics might be forthcoming as they arrive. My friends took way more than I did, since I was so flipping busy throughout. But it's done now. Only cleanup remains.
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