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In those 48 hours or so. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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January 2nd, 2017

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10:54 am - In those 48 hours or so.
Got...most of the stuff on the list done. So now it's 2017. Big, fat, hairy deal. The biggest thing planned for this year is changing carriers at the beginning of April. If we execute it as planned and hoped for, it'll make a HUGE difference and take a lot of financial pressure off.

But, we'll also start it off with brand new stairs to the upper level of the outbuilding. The damn thing's nowhere near code since it was almost all DIY, and...le sigh. Two boards on the back deck have collapsed. Yeah, that thing needs redoing as well.

Just to add to the mood, "New Year's Day" hasn't lost a single iota of relevance since it's release 34 years ago. Nothing changes on New Year's Day.
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