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Quick Note to Self - Messages From Another Time and Place

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December 29th, 2016

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12:59 pm - Quick Note to Self
After New Year's, I'll need to pick up all new printer cartridges for the Borg printer (HP 8250). That's what I call it, since it has some many daggone lights and displays on it. Expired ink. Right. Just another way to grab more money out of your wallet. So I might as well travel over to Staples while I'm in the area and at least price them out. I'm estimating $20 per color cartridge, and $30 for the black ink, which makes the total $130. Yeeeesh.

Also the list is drawn up for the New Year's party and once again it looks like five people would have trouble completing it in the given time, never mind only two. Here's the list as I see it.

  1. Housecleaning and preparation
    • Clean out main bedroom

    • Clean out main computer room.

    • Clean out front office space. Lay down air mattress and bedding Saturday.

    • Inventory available sheets

    • Clean cooler

    • Prepare living room. Move out two tables and arrange for laptop setup.

  2. Shopping
    • Create list and budget

    • 12 bottles of champagne(yah.)

    • 12 pack of Coke Zero

    • 12 pack of Diet Sprite or similar

    • Coffee

    • Sturdy paper plates and bowls

    • Maybe things at Dollar Store

    • An 18-20 ft. HDMI cord. Radio Shack should have it.

    • Mail off the oil sample I took yesterday.

    • Candles of some kind.

    • Collect champagne flutes from storage space

    • Chocolate chips or M&Ms.

    • Blocks of various cheeses

  3. Cooking
    • Remaining cookies(peanut butter, sugar, additional choc. chip, mints)

    • Chili

    • Tofu Nut Balls

    • Tortilla chips

    • 2 loaves of herb bread

    • Make cheese cubes

    • Chop raw vegetables

    • Hummus

  4. House Preparations
    • Pick up champagne buckets and food trays, starting at 9am Saturday.

    • Make garlands

    • Hang mistletoe

    • Hang cards

    • Set up 2nd monitor for laptop when playing CD through it.

    • Put out garbage and recycling containers

    • Set up living room

    • Set up dining room

    • Hang up netting lights over front shrubs

What? Me stressed? Noooooooo...couldn't be.

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