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For the rest of today. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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December 28th, 2016

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10:08 pm - For the rest of today.
There's still plenty left, but here's what happened.

Rats. As it turns out, the front light is out because of the connection underground, not the bulb. I MAY be able to dig it up and get it reconnected. Stress MAY. 120VAC is not my favorite thing to deal with and these lights probably didn't take cold, damp climates into account when they were designed.

I got most of one box of papers cleared out. The vast majority did turn into recycling of one kind or another. Still have the front room to deal with though.

And...while I was busy putting up the lights I knocked over the Sekhmet statue that's already broken two or three times, and bink...off come the feet again. And one of the dragons broke off an earfin. So...epoxy to the rescue once more, and as an added bonus I glued back the ornament of the USS Kelvin from the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek.

But like I said, still so much left. Arrrrrrgh. AND I'm supposed to be in on practicing music for the meditation late Saturday afternoon. Good luck there.
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