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And now for Oopses, small, big, and small. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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December 28th, 2016

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11:08 am - And now for Oopses, small, big, and small.
Well...the HP G7 arrived a few days ago. It IS an i7 CPU...and a 14 inch screen.


Nevertheless, I went ahead and loaded Ubuntu 16.04 onto it. It works just fine, it's just...so wee little! It's like having a full function tablet in my hands.

Anyway, I was also breaking out the spare C7 lights and opened what I thought was a pack of red lights. Turns out, no they're amber which I've already bought a box of 25. So I have lots and lots of amber, and no red. Oy. Time to Amazon it.

EDIT: Also now I find it's time to get an oil sample, which means running the engine, which means...hooking the batteries back up AFTER disconnecting them once already. ACH.
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