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Now HERE's an Early Christmas Present! - Messages From Another Time and Place

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December 24th, 2016

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11:37 am - Now HERE's an Early Christmas Present!
You know how I'd once talked about getting a second FIOS router for the home? I found one that looked like it would work over at Goodwill, for a whooping $6.99. Yes you read that right. SEVEN DOLLARS. Whoot! It even had it's own AC adapter, which is a BIG plus. Lotsa them at Goodwill are often without, leaving you to find one somewhere. Goodwill may or may not have it. Usually they don't. So I did plug it in at the store, and everything that was supposed to light up, did. So far, so good!

So this morning at the other end of the house I set it up with a laptop plugged into it via ethernet. I downloaded a manual on its operation, and did a factory reset by holding in that button for ten seconds. Then logged into All's good there. Used the default username and password, and immediately changed both. Then it was on to configuring the Wifi as I wanted. WPA2 security, good. Changed the hotspot name and made it hidden. Good. Then I tried to connect to it, and use the internet. All good!

So yay! AND the HP G7's here, and I still need to get it set up. I'm too much of a coward to try and swap out it's 320gig drive and the A6's 1T, since the A6 is running Win10. If both were running Ubuntu, no problem. But they're not. It's no biggie though. I'll just save up $80 and buy a 1T Western Digital drive when the time comes.

Now, with the mate getting ready to go out grocery shopping, I'm going to take this alone time to wrap up her presents. Shhhhhh...
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