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Way Way WAY Overdue for a post - Messages From Another Time and Place

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September 12th, 2016

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02:50 pm - Way Way WAY Overdue for a post
Okay, so...the past two weeks. Obviously we got home okay on 8/30. Whew! Now why was that necessary? Well, my Dad's side of the family had a reunion out on the coast over the weekend. My uncle unfortunately had broken his leg a week before and couldn't make it. Yeah yeah, excuses excuses... %lt:=8P

We took off in the middle of all that Sunday, since we ALSO found out a friend of ours, well her sister was having a birthday/moving/divorce/all kinds of stuff party going on, and the mate decided to lead sing on a track the band was playing, which included our friend, in fact him AND his brother in the band. She sang The Beatles "In My Life" at a more ballad like tempo. After that, we stayed overnight back at our house before heading out to the coast to finish things up!

The mate went over for a spa day Monday. We were both biting our nails about the cost of such a thing, since financially things were (and still are) tight. Miracle! My sister picked up the tab for everyone. Whew! So the mate bought some product with what she DID have saved up.

Tuesday was get up way too early for offshore fishing! Hey, I signed up for it. Haven't done it in forevahhhhh. I did fairly well. Caught five sea bass. My sister caught the most of the family, seven I think, mostly bass and one fish I kept wanting to call a sculpin, but I forget the actual name of it now. Some had signed up for crab pots as well, and looking at it now I'm kind of glad I skipped that part. More than enough was caught, even without me! We still brought home twelve, that's how much was caught, even after sexing and throwing back the ones too small.

The ride home on Wednesday was quite pleasant, as we took Otter Crest Loop since we weren't in any kind of a rush that day. Stopped and picnicked in a park by the coast, with a lovely south facing view as we were on Cape Foulweather. Luckily it was sunny and a little cool, but one could still walk about with long sleeves.

Further up near Gleneden, we stopped at one of our favourite shops along the coast, Crystal Wizard. I popped in, hoping to find either a doubly terminated tabular quartz wand, or perhaps a sphere of some kind for the holder I epoxied back together. No go on both counts, but I did pick up the mate a sarong, which...neither of us are really sure how to tie correctly. We did kind of fake it with one knot over the shoulder, and using her black shaw as a belt to hold the loose sides together. That actually worked...rather well. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Next, we rested, then last Thursday a day jaunt up to Ffynnon for checking out a couple of old shrines dear to us, and see about what can be done with them. Welllllllll, things didn't go as planned there.

We got to the first shrine, the Nexus which I sort of founded truth be told. As the mate got closer to the main feature, a cedar tree growing out of the center of a group of vine maples, her foot sank into something soft. I was going to follow until she started crying out and I saw this SWARM of something right at my feet. Uh oh! Her foot went into a yellow jacket nest. Yikes!

We bolted it out of there, My mate, one of the caretakers, and I, but hardly unscathed. Her foot is still swollen from where she was stung multiple times, a few times on her thigh from where they flew up her jeans, and once behind the ear. I managed to get stung only once, behind my left thumb and the caretaker took one on the neck. Needless to say, that was the end of our hike as we made it back to the property next door, dubbed the Effing farm. The mate had to strip off her shoes and jeans to get those dang things to stop stinging. I brought her the boots she left in the van, and we...eventually made our way home. The swelling's mostly down now, though her foot still looks pretty bad. She should be able to drive by Friday though, which is when we're planning to head out again.

NOW, the ol' list of things I want to accomplish this week. Some I've already done, so yippee.


Get the stepladder out, replaced a bulb in the living room, and put away the birthday gift wrapping paper.

To do

  • Replace the front and the back water spigots as both leak.

  • Long as I'm plumbing, replace the fixture in the laundry room as the hot water tap has broken off.

  • Sweep off the roof where cedar tree duff has piled up. Clean the gutters where necessary

  • The driver's side front window on the Buick has stopped working. The motor seems fine, but something's either come loose or broken inside so the window's stuck down. Find out what if I can and fix it.

  • Keep all the computers up to date and synched.

  • Oh yes! Need to buy a new laptop case. The 'good' one has now broken its main zipper. Oy.

  • While I'm at it, order parts to repair the Toshiba L775, AND a mobile hot spot from Sprint that works under roaming conditions.

What? That's not enough?
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