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Yikes. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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June 9th, 2016

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12:22 pm - Yikes.
Well dear journal, it's been over a week, almost two since I last made an entry into this thing. Bad dragon, I know. But...I'm home now. I was going to go to a piano concert this afternoon, but the mate's energy level died down, and I've got enough things to do already. Such as...

  • Finish the laundry

  • Transfer money over for the mortgage payment.Download bank statements.

At some point, I'll also need to jump in the van and:

  • Take the glass recycling to the center.

  • Hit the credit union and make a deposit for a purchase later tonight.

Things I've already done.

  • Partly unloaded the truck. At least got the laundry, last of the toiletries, empties(soda and supplements), and the supplement box out

  • Downloaded the latest settlement, and entered all relevant info into both Profit Gauges and our budget spreadsheet.

Why yes, I AM feeling exhausted now.
Current Location: McMinnville, OR
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

(Look me in the eyes...)

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