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Also in truck peeves - Messages From Another Time and Place

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July 7th, 2015

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10:44 pm - Also in truck peeves
I'm currently waiting on a call from Freightliner's parts department. Seems the cover to the battery compartment has cracked near the center, so water can get in. As we know, water and electricity do not mix.

I'm also taking it to the service department tomorrow at 1200, because driving home from another shop, I stopped at the Aurora Flying J and saw vapor coming out from the grille. Turns out the A/C coil, the part that sits in front of the radiator had sprung a leak and was spraying freon. Oh joy! And just in time for the hottest part of the year. I did get a quote on the rear skirt, and it'll have to wait for now. Oy.

AND the city horn STILL sticks. Although it started doing it in the truck wash, so it must be a wet weather kind of thing where the water is making contact between two exposed wires or something. I'll have to do some tracing and find out best I can. I know it ain't the relay, because they replaced that.
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