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Fooled Again! - Messages From Another Time and Place

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December 30th, 2013

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08:02 pm - Fooled Again!
Okay, I'm all set up to replace the internal power jack on the Lenovo. Found a video of someone doing that very thing, taking it apart step by step. I follow right along, save for taking out the wifi leads. That didn't seem important enough. It would have been convenient, but nothing vital.

So, now it's all apart even to the point where I have the old jack out. Look in the package that supposed to contain the replacement jack annnnnnnnnnnnd...

It's the replacement fan for the truck's 12V fridge. Can you say facepalm? Sure. The good news is after tracking my order is it's in the FedEx Distribution Center in Troutdale, that we've even delivered to before. So the expectation is that the new jack will arrive at the UPS store tomorrow, so not a total waste of effort, just a delay. Or it BETTER be there tomorrow after 2pm.
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