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Not as bad as first thought, but still. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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November 27th, 2013

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04:11 pm - Not as bad as first thought, but still.
Today turned in the Lenovo to get the charging jack fixed. Cost, appox $200 US. Nowhere near as bad as first thought, so yay there. I'll have it back just in time for Xmas.

Brief rundown of what's been accomplised today.
  • Picked up chafing dishes to keep things warm

  • Turned in Lenove, as mentioned.

  • Picked up butcher paper to use as tablecloths. Found we already have lotsa crayons and such. Yay!

  • Picked up turkey and three appetizer trays.

  • Took out trash, and put returnables into the van.

  • Started clearing out the office so we can sleep there. Other guest spaces will be occupied.

  • Stored spare comps. Can't wait to gather together another $200 to make one active.

  • Installed Ubuntu 13.10 on the Toshiba, since I deleted the one partition on 13.04, and couldn't get it back. Still much to configure, but the basics are done and ready.

  • Keeping track of nieces in transit to our house.

  • Since Ubuntu 13.10 is proving stable enough, upgraded the desktop to it as well.

So yeah, a little busy.

As a side note, once the Lenovo is returned, I shall be converting it to a dual boot machine between Ubuntu and Win 7. I know I have the recovery DVD's around here somewhere. That's always the first thing I do when I boot a new laptop up.

EDIT: Great news! For Xmas I've just been informed we'll be off till 1/2/2014. So yay for that! Been a certain New Year's party I've been dying to get back to. Well, both the mate AND I have been wanting it. Double yay!
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