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Debit card car rentals - Messages From Another Time and Place

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August 29th, 2013

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03:56 pm - Debit card car rentals
Do you have any idea how hard it is to rent a car without a credit card? That is our situation. Credit cards are teh evil. End of discussion. Not giving on that one. Don't even try.

That said, this is what we went through. First, the mate called up the company we've been using up to now. Turns out they have NO WAY to rent without a credit card coming into the process somewhere. So, not renting from them any more. Screw them.

So now the search is on. Turns out Thrifty has a least a decent rate for what we're after, a smaller SUV since we're hauling plenty of camping equipment with us. So, as I'm going through the reservation process, I'm seeing something about a debit card screening, which begs the question. WTF is a debit card screening? The site mentions nothing about what's involved with that. So I try the national number. Neither the csr NOR their supervisor can tell me a damn thing about it. I hang up, then find the number for the Kansas City airport location, since that's where we're picking up the rental. They should know, since they're the ones doing it. Stupid number just reroutes me back to the central location. However on about the third try, I DO get someone who knows what the hell it is, and can tell me. It's just an additional 15% refundable deposit on top of the rental cost. We can do that, since our credit is spotless as well. So...yay. Onward.
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