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Still No Net - Messages From Another Time and Place

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May 13th, 2012

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09:31 am - Still No Net
We've decided we're picking up a mobile hotspot from Virgin Mobile to use as a backup for when the Sprint phone craps out like it has now. The device itself is $109 and a month's unlimited data usage is $50. It only does 3G, but the vast majority of the time that's all we can get anyhow. 4G is still found only in select metropolitan areas. Get outside that some places you're lucky to get net connectivity at all, never mind whining about 3G/4G.

It's also left me without an MP3 player, so for the moment through the radio at least I'm using an 8gig memory stick that just plugs into the USB port on the radio. Neat. But I still need some kind of player for when I'm trying to sleep. Pilot's selling a 4gig one for $40, which is small capacity for me, but it's still better than nothing. It's just a matter of whether I want to buy that or that one last gift for the mate to use for Xmas or another event.

Which in one way brings me to a certain peeve and I just feel determined over this one. Unless I make things I want happen, they tend not to happen at all if I just wait. Since we've skipped gifts for each other the past two years now, I'm bound and determined to keep that from happening again, even if it means some pain for personal savings.

Speaking of which, it's gonna take a damn long time to get that next desktop, even though the list price is only $260 from tigerdirect.com. Ah, the beauty of shipping a machine without an OS. Still, at $15 a week I'm estimating saving nearly six months, and that's if everything goes perfectly, nothing else pops up, and no emergencies that either force me to skip saving a week(or two or three or four) or spend it on something else without reimbursement. I'm figuring about 20% for shipping, so that would bring the real price to around $310, $312 if you really want to get precise.
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