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Setting a bad example - Messages From Another Time and Place

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October 23rd, 2010

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07:07 am - Setting a bad example
Something I've been seeing more and more of on the road are what I call "phantom" work zones. This is where you see a construction ahead sign, promptly followed by a lowered speed limit of course and then... nothing! Not even so much as a single cone or barrel, let alone any equipment or workers.
I first noticed this in Alabama, but it seems since then many other states have followed suit, much to my and I'm sure others consternation. The speed limit signs are always the first things to go up and the last things to come down, sometimes for weeks or even months after any sign of actual work has long since vanished.
Yes, I follow the lower limits because the last thing I need is a ticket for speeding in a work zone, even if it's a phantom one. But let's be honest here. At least change those signs to "Speed Trap Ahead" shall we?

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