What to do in Commerce City, CO.

I've got a day off coming up on Thursday. And here's a list of things I need to do, and things I'd like to do. Yeah, had my passenger's side wiper go out on me today. No fun there for as soon as I entered NM it started raining. But I got through.

Other than that, just been shuttling freight from one spot to the other for the most part.

Need to do.
  • Book another load for this upcoming Tuesday. I'm busy through Monday at least.

  • Have work done on the truck. The wiper transmission broke, and I bought a new one at Albuquerque Freightliner. Just need it replaced.

  • Have work done on this trailer too! It seems one of the tires is leaking slowly. The autoinflate gets it back to the correct pressure, but by morning it's back to being nearly flat.

  • Go by some kitty litter, because the box is really low on it.

What I'd like to do.
  • Laundry

  • Maybe get on a bus and go somewhere.

  • Update ledgers and checkbooks.

  • Read Bruce Goldberg's book some more.

  • Work on writing a story or two.

  • Oh yes! Edit the Samhain ritual I wrote for 2019

That's probably more than enough. And if I don't get all the way through it, I still have time over the weekend as well.

So...Where IS that Dell?

I keep looking at the status page and it keeps telling me it hasn't shipped, even though I can see the charge has cleared the bank. Guess I will be calling them and one of my loads tomorrow if I don't see advancement from either of them. I still need a freight bill for my second load so I know where I'm going.

Tomorrow I will be getting up far too early to make this shipper. At least in the meantime I'm keeping my eyes peeled on laptop auctions, and trying to estimate just how much I'll need to save for something worthwhile.

So yeah, planning to arrive at the shipper at 0500 tomorrow. You read that right. 5am. Oy. And me trying to think of something more worthwhile.

Oh yeah! I got to see the awards ceremony Saturday night at the Gallery Theater for the 2019 season. Well had to be there. My wife was in The Addams Family musical after all! Was funny to see some familiar faces, and even remember some of the acts recreated right there, though not in costume. A gala event had by all. I had to wear my patent leather shoes, since my other pair of wearable dress shoes are still in the box.

Dude, you're getting a Dell!

Bit of happy news this morning. I log in to Shopgoodwill and find that I won an auction for an old fourth generation i7 for $64.40. No hard drive, but I've got two 1TB drives from the dead HP I can throw in, plus a 2gig video card to boot, IF it'll cooperate. I remember the card was notoriously finicky.

Maybe I'll set it up in this computer room, or maybe I'll set it up in the mate's and she can have more than just a laptop to work with.

Still need a third laptop though. Ecch.

Another One of Those Things.

I haven't abandoned this journal at all. Ideas for entries still pop into my head all the time. It just seems that the lag between them appearing and me being able to sit down and type them out just kills it. Then again, there's that momentum thing. The more you write it seems the more you want to write, and find time to write.

So what has happened over the past oh, three and a half months? Let's see.

The biggest event was at the start October, in fact over my birthday the mate and I took a jaunt over to Jacksonville Beach, FL. We parked the truck in the Atlanta area, rented a car, and well the two spots are less than three hundred miles apart, so it's like a day's drive down and back.

The weather for the most part cooperated, just a sprinkle or two towards the end. There was some business conducted as well, as we visited the agency down that way that we've signed up with for the past two years, Momentum, for hauling freight going to Google data centers.

November came and I started driving, or at least trying to drive for Momentum solo. Everything was all right until it was time to come home for Thanksgiving. Then, no freight to Oregon. Uhhhh, that's a problem. I did find another load that worked, and did get home in just enough time. In fact, I got home soon enough that I could contribute, making my signature chocolate espresso cheesecake, which of course was a big smash. Yay! I didn't get to do that last year. I got as far as making the crust, and then it sat in the fridge for the next twelve months. Oddly, it still looked good. Whoa.

Now it's December, and this year for the holidaze I'm flying down to AZ to visit Mom's side of the family once more. As I am now fifty two years of age(Whoa), and both my parents could be in better health, you never know when this might be the last time you'll see them. I hope I might be able to pay Dad a visit down in San Diego come February, which is when he'll be back in the states next.

Work is Computers are being...computers. And the truck is still being...the truck. Yes I'm here at the Freightliner in Salt Lake City hoping they'll get it into the shop soon. The Detroit 60's been throwing code 42, which is the SRS sensor failure code. That combined with the fact that twice now it didn't start right away after the engine's been pulling hard and running hotter than normal leads me to believe that yes indeed that sensor is going out. From what I've read, one should replace both the SRS and TRS sensors at the same time, as one going bad tends to make the other one go bad as well. I'd love to do this job myself. I can see where both sensors are, and it only needs a one half inch wrench, but try as I might, the bolts are frozen on for me. I'm hoping to get out in the next couple of hours. If not, I may have to cancel the work, cross my fingers, and try and get home, only turning the truck off when the engine has time to cool down. Then I can just take it to the local shop and they can work on it at their leisure.

The Latest Dog and Pony Show.

In other words, the Democratic Party debates and primaries.

Maybe it's just the Gen X in me saying this, but why are we even bothering to watch? You know what's gonna happen when the chips are down.

The leadership's all gonna line up and annoint the most "electable" candidate who just happens to be...coincidence of coincidences!...the most corporate friendly one. Don't believe me? Then just stay tuned, and remember these words.

Though I suppose a bit of recent history also helps to illustrate, and least on the national level. Let's cover the presidential campaigns since 1988, around the time the Democrats decided to become watered down Republicans. I've considered since 1980 or even before since the 1970's saw the repeal of the usury laws allowing credit card companies to charge whatever interest rate they wanted, and boy did they. But that's a bit of a digression. Let's stick with 1988 to the present.

1988 Michael Dukakis. Lost.
1992, 1996 William Jefferson Clinton, whose watch gave us Nafta, the repeal of Glass-Spiegel, welfare "reform", and so on. This was a win?
2000 Albert Gore, lost.
2004 John Kerry, lost.
2008, 2012. Barack Obama. I had hope for this guy. I really did. But it only took one look at his financial team to know nothing would change that way. Nothing but Wall Street insiders. Despite all the ballyhoo about public contributions, his biggest contributors were still the investment banks. And while we're at it...

That ACA(Affordable Care Act). This was a big, fat, wet kiss on the unrepentant ass of the insurance industry, because it created a captive market. Everything that was good about the act(eliminating pre-existing conditions, extending the age offspring can be on their parent's policy to age 25, etc) all of that could have been passed without the legal mandate. And I couldn't help notice the public option was the first thing jettisoned off the bill almost like...gee were they really serious about it to begin with? And of course banking reform went nowhere, even with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress and the White House. Of the two, I would have rather seen the latter gotten behind and passed. At least it would have left more money in the pockets of the general populace to afford things insurance. The emphasis on renewable energy was laudable, but as we've seen easily reversible. Again, this was a win?

2016 - You know the answer already. Let's not go there.

So, if you sort by year, the success rate is fifty percent. If you sort by candidate, the success rate is thirty three and a third percent.

Yeah guys, that's a real winning strategy all right.

Living well is the best revenge

Yes. It all started about three days ago wheny yours truly suffered heat stroke. My mate woke me up in the bunk as I was sounding like I was asphyxiating. I woke up incredibly dizzy, and sweating profusely. I managed to get forward to the driver's seat where it was cooler, and opened the door, trying to breathe and still drinking.

Then I got sick for the first time, probably severely dehydrated.

The good thing is the truck didn't have to move for the rest of the day, so we found a spot at the Cartersville, GA TA. Yeah, hot, and I've felt it more humid, but it was still pretty bad. We got the truck to a parking spot, and I got sick twice on the way. But at least that was the last time. In the AC I managed to come down enough to recover.

The head and stomach were a touch sensitive the next day, but after that, all better. So yay.

So okay, what does all this have to do with revelations, other than keep yourself hydrated? It's a bit of a story.

If you've been following closely, you might have read about my ponderings of how did I get here in the first place? Verily, I did ask the Lord about this, and alas have yet to receive an answer. So, knowing that much, when I ask someone else a question and they don't answer right away, I can think of two reasons for this. One, it's an answer they don't think I want to hear. Two, it's an answer that would cast them in a bad light.

But after that episode I also came to the conclusion it didn't matter how. Yes, the Lord may very well be in Michael Palin's words "a rotten bastard" who contrary to popular belief just has it in for us. Why, you'll have to ask them. It doesn't matter. The trick is to keep smiling through it all, just to piss them the fuck off.

It would have been nicer to realize this without coming a hair's breadth from passing on, but...hey. Here I still fucking am. So nyeah.


Those lists were transferred over to Much more workable.
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And For Fueling.

TA and Petro have instituted a new rewards program which makes them a heck of a lot more competitive with Pilot/Flying J's. They're giving us like 4 points for every fill up now, with added coupons and credits that can be redeemed for showers or meals, or even parking, which is REALLY good for us.
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Where's the dragon now?

Mainly just quickly updating because ya know. On the road and still busy with driving and all that. Eastern US has been hot and humid as all fucking getout, yet still somehow not as bad as the childhood days of southern NJ where you'd step outside and into a sauna. It literally felt like that. Instasweat. I've started keeping a list of lists around as a private entry, just so I know what the hell to do, though I should probably take it and move those items over to the kanban I have online. Duh. Easier that way.

And yeah, speaking of hot, our APU has gone dark, meaning no lights on the controller. I found a YouTube video(amazing how helpful those can be sometimes), who pointed out a 2amp fuse might be blown. I went in, checked every single fuse and the breaker and no dice. I have a feeling the mainboard on the controller is now fried. It happens.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention our home phone and internet was dead when we arrived last time. At first we thought it was the battery on the backup. It was beeping and did need replacing. So we did that and...nothing. Called up Frontier, who took it off quarantine and still nothing. So it was tech time. Turns out the board outside on their controller went boom, so after replacing that all's well. And as an added bonus, we found we DO have voicemail again, with online access, so I got that set up. Yay.

What else? Seems like time and being fifty one has a way of making things like keeping your journal updated slip through your fingers. But I did send off our latest oil sample today. We need to keep in mind that since the APU's been out, we've been forced to idle a LOT, which has driven down our mileage and probably dumped fuel into the oil as well. We'll have it changed when we get home.

Now all that's left is to update Profit and Fuel Gauges with a couple more fuel receipts. Yay. Now aren't you all glad you read this?