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February 25th, 2018

11:59 am - Okay.
Steering's tightened back down now, but I'm getting a bit nervous as I really want to sync files between laptops. It doesn't take that long. It just requires a bit of space.
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February 24th, 2018

09:01 pm - Now I have to tighten the steering down
Seems like the bolt holding the Pitman arm loosened up a little again, allowing play in the steering. It looks like a one and one eighth inch wrench is needed. I may be able to get one here, but oy. Getting enough leverage to actually tighten it down!
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February 23rd, 2018

01:31 pm - What having an Air Ride Trailer means.
Okay, the truck seems like it'd been having an issue where once we parked and turned off the engine, we'd hear this klunk, and sometimes it'd feel like the truck just got bumped, even when there was nothing moving near us. At first we thought it was the truck itself, and last time we were home we told the shop to take a look at it. They did replace a couple of parts in the driveline(bearing, U joint), which did...nothing obvious although they probably needed replacing anyway since they were quite worn.

Then I noticed the issued seemed to depend on the trailer we were dragging, and it never happened when bobtailing. Aha! So it's not a truck issue after all!

The one we're pulling now seems to have this issue more pronounced than others, in that the klunk is more jarring. We looked, and it's an Air Ride trailer. After talking with the Petro shop in Oak Grove, we discovered the airbags on the trailer dump once the red knob's pulled, which results in klunk. This is normal. Had us both worried for a while.

So...onward, though I hope we're not holding on to this trailer past this load. I doubt we will, since the last time I was at this particular customer it was a drop and hook. Time to get rid of this thing.
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February 22nd, 2018

05:33 pm - In which our hero brings a Rand McNally GPS tablet back from the dead.
Okay, it started with the tablet not loading in any maps in the atlas. In fact, the selection was blank. I tried downloading the new set (4gig!), and still nothing. So, I went with the nuclear option and tried a factory reset.

Then, not only did the atlas still not work, but now the GPS wouldn't load either. Uh oh. And here we are, out in the middle of Missouri, trying to find our consignee without it. Fortunately the trip maker still worked, so I managed to create a route and find the place that way. Never mind I had to wait a little while once I got there, but no biggie there.

So...now how to bring it back? I first tried downloading updates onto an SD card. First one I had to throw out because it wouldn't erase or write. Don't ask me why. I wound up using the one from our other tablet. So, tried loading that in and...no good. It was actually OLDER than the one already installed.

Turns out I found the solution on Youtube. The narrator spoke russian, but I recognized the screens enough to try and rebuild the GPS files, and...it came back! So yay.

And today, the atlas came back too. So more yay.
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February 13th, 2018

05:25 pm - And so on to work stuff.
I'd been complaining about our finances, but it seems a dedicated run opportunity has come our way. And holy gods does it look lucrative, as in running sixteen weeks would cover all our truck expenses for the YEAR. Everything after that can go to the household. Now granted, we can't really do that, as some will have to go to the household to keep it going too. But it'd go a long way. So whoo!
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04:58 pm - On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.
Yeah, this post is way late regarding the Superbowl, but...

Way to go EAGLES!

It's only been 58 years since they won the NFL championship, before there even was a Superbowl. Now I needs to snag me some swag. It may take a while though. The DVD of the game with Merrill Reese gamecalling at least.
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February 3rd, 2018

03:26 pm - And just like that...gone.
Okay, so working on not one but two loads. Running the current one over the Rockies, and the next one even further east. So that's time and many calls well spent. After everything, most of trucking is simply a matter of persevering, like a lot of life.

Though sadly, late last year a chapter of my life closed. My Dad and stepmom sold the farm, which they owned since the 1980's. Now they're planning to move to Mexico, but with Dad having a couple of small strokes, and fluid affecting the basal ganglia I'm not sure his body's gonna let him go back south.

I'm actually pretty sad about the farm. It had more than just a few good memories, from hazy summer days that seemed to last forever, to the mist running across the ridge, to mud, mud, and more mud. I helped build fences, and fed livestock. But...not any more. I suppose if I had dedicated myself to it I could have inherited the farm, but my life path didn't take me in that direction.
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February 1st, 2018

10:11 am - This might take longer than I thought.
It's been kinda tough finding loads going out of the Pacific NW. Called about a possible load going to CO, though we might get stuck there too. But at least we'd be east of the Rockies, and maybe somebody can find us something going eastbound from there. I hope so. Shees.
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January 26th, 2018

11:55 pm - Hmm.
For only the second time in my life, when I awoke I heard a voice this morning say to me one of three things. I can't quite remember.

My mate thinks I told her "Soon the third eagle will fly."

I keep thinking either "You will find the third eagle." or "find the third eagle."

Why the third eagle, or even an eagle at all? And what about the first two? Gods only know.
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January 25th, 2018

10:02 pm - Let's face it.
At fifty years of age unless by some miracle I live till my age makes the triple digit range, I've got more of my life behind me than ahead of me. I am old. There's just no other way to put it.
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January 24th, 2018

10:49 pm - Just how fast CAN you rebuild Ubuntu?
This time, I left the /home directory alone, and it seems to have sped up the process immensely. User configurations and all that, still intact. Whoot! I believe I have everything back installed and configured. So this is lovely, and it gets everything including Firefox and Opera working again. I'm even typing this on the rebuilt machine. Yay!
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10:29 pm - More in my mind.
Songs of relationships past.

This one for the one I knew just before my current mate. She got a little freaked out at the faces I was making during this song.

This one, I really didn't associate until after it was all over, but...doo doo occurs.

This one was mainly for the line "Think of me and try not to laugh."

This one I associate more with the entire album, but this is the track from it that stands out the most.

Actually, make that two songs for her.

The earliest one I can remember that has a song with her. It just popped up at a funny time.

And one more that I dedicated a poem about. Too bad it led to the breakup. Fine, whatever. Me bitter? Never.

All right. All done there. Took me a couple of days. I'll explain next post.
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January 23rd, 2018

02:54 pm - In my Mind.
Reading over other journals, and though I got to this game late, thought I'd give some of it a go.

Song that reminds me of my current mate.

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02:40 pm - This is a typical day.
So after getting out of the Fred Meyer DC last night at around 11:15pm pst, I went back down to GeeCee's Travel Plaza at Exit 57. And thank the gods for them. Normally trying to find a space to park a truck and trailer at that time is...yeah right! If you're lucky you might find an obscured part of an on or off ramp. But GeeCees still had plenty of spots, at least in the back, so whoohoo! All I did was park, do my post trip and dvir, put up the windshield curtain, and get in bed. Now there's even more fun, for the bunk heater is now on the blink, and wouldn't work AT ALL last night, and HOLY FUCK was it cold this morning. The only good thing is it went out just before going home. We'll deal with it on the way back out next time, probably early next week.

Interstate 5 initially was heavy rain and moderate winds. Fun with an empty trailer acting like a 53 foot sail. Thankfully once I got into Oregon the winds mostly died down and the rain slackened. It still hasn't stopped. Not that I really want it to. This region does need rain. It's usually much heavier this time of year.

So next stop is the TA at Aurora, OR where I am now. I'm in,and I have about $180 on the settlement card. Juuuuust enough for 50 gallons. Why that much? Well I know at Pilot/Flying J if you take at least that much you get a free shower. Here? No such luck. At least there's a Flying J across the street, and I know I have at least one shower on that card.

I need to go over there anyway to pick up a new wiper blade. I think the driver's side one is shot. While I do have a spare, I think I want to experiment with a longer blade and see if that will work or not. So I can take a shower there, then it's on to home.

Speaking of home, we're still trying to figure out where we're gonna park this trailer! Actually the mate's running a check down to one spot at the south edge of town. It's not ideal since security is minimum, but at least it's a spot, and the trailer will be empty anyway, so no load to steal and doubtful anyone will run into it.
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January 22nd, 2018

10:15 am - Almost home.
So I have my final delivery this afternoon, then it's time to head south, homeward bound. I'm still gonna have to stop at the Aurora, OR TravelCenter, since I had the passenger's side wheel seal replaced, NOW the tractor ABS light is coming on. My guess is that they put the sensor back in wrong or loose. Sometimes it's off. I did manage to induce it to come on by trying to roll before the spring brakes fully let go, so that's my guess at least. I'll have to see what they say.
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January 20th, 2018

05:38 pm - Well that was fun!
Yes, I drove out of Winnemucca, NV today all the way up to Biggs Junction, OR. US95N was clear. When I got to OR78, that one was on and off, between clear, then icy in the shaded areas, then clear again, then snow flurries till the Burns/Hines area. I expected more of the same along US20 into Bend at one point but it never materialized. In fact, it was clear the rest of the way. I originally wanted to head to Troutdale over US26 but Mt. Hood just looked bad. The last time the road just looked wet from the cameras, but there's no way to tell if that's all they were the whole stretch, and temps were hovering right at freezing. I also thought I might split off and take US195 up to The Dalles, but that's a restricted route. I didn't know that. I still could have made Troutdale from here but it would have put me there with no time left on the 11hr clock, at around 6pm when the lot might be iffy to full. Whew. That leaves about 300 miles to get where I'm going, though I suppose I can take it in two shifts, one to Jubitz tomorrow, and the next one into WA.
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January 16th, 2018

12:38 pm - These days on LJ
Seems like unless you're talking about celebrities, you're just talking to yourself. Bah. At least that empty hazmat tote load is done. Now it's off southbound (No, NOT California). I'm still trying to snag a load going back homebound, and I've been after the agent on this one that's darned near perfect. She's just been...slow to respond. I called her for the fourth time overall, and the first time today at about 1030. Will give it one more hour. In the meantime, I should search for a Plan B to keep me moving.

The mate and I met up Portland at Jubitz last night, which is good. Got groceries, she approved her logs which lets me run another two weeks out if I want(and I may), and had dinner together. So very nice. Rats. Just had a call come in, but it's an 888 area code, so most likely NOT who I'm waiting for.

Other than that, trucking along with the trucking tumbleweeds. I'm at the next shipper now, and thought they'd be ready for me any time today, but no. Not till 1600. That's going to make parking quite interesting. I probably should just park at the Troutdale TA, now that I think of it, since Government Camp will probably be dark and the road will have frozen by the time I get there. No way.
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January 15th, 2018

09:51 pm - Nothing short of amazing.
I literally sat and watched with my jaw hanging the first time I saw this.


Of course it helps that the female lead is drop dead gorgeous but still!
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January 12th, 2018

09:50 am - Okay, so the past three months.
So yeah, that post I talked about last time.

The big news. Last October...we finally changed carriers to Landstar, just as we've been talking about. Had orientation down in Sparks, NV which was a bit of fun to get to as we had to detour around CA since the truck isn't compliant there. Took us over some very isolated two lane roads till we got to US95 leading south to I80.

So, got all that fixed up, and started out working basically from the beginning of November thru Christmas.

It did get quite nice as From the end of November till time to go home, we hooked up with an agent that had round trip runs for UPS freight mostly between Sioux City, IA and Hodgkins, IL, in the Chicago metro area, with one ld stopping in Des Moines, and one in Omaha, NE. We even got paid to deadhead a couple of times. Schneider would NEVER have done that!

Got home 12/21, and...well the season ran a few days long, as we wound up not even getting any shopping done till the 26th. But I did make green curry for the big day, which is something I did want to do. It's work, but worth it. Then...time for me to get back on the road earlier this month. And yes, this time it's just me in the truck. Mate is at home. She said she just took the last ornaments off the tree last night.

Me, I've been sitting here since yesterday trying to find a load, and the search has not been going according to plan. I guess it's just easier to find team freight. Nothing to do except keep trying.
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January 8th, 2018

09:56 pm - No, he didn't die that day.
I'm not sure why I've been resisting getting back to journaling, even though today was a shit of a day. I tried to give this day to God, and Murphy took it instead. So. This post is just about today. Looks like there's about three months of other things to catch up on.

It started out finding out our house was scammed for around $750. It was one of those damn impersonating a police officer ones, only this one came to us via my stepmom. Perhaps dad was the original target, since we both share the same name. Who knows. We've gotten calls like this before, but have always referred them to the office first to make sure they're legit, which they're not. But since contact had already been made, and the claim was I'd missed a jury duty summons and was therefor in contempt of court, had to appear and post a bond, only the damn bond was the scam. So...that money ain't coming back.

Nice to know it was also my first day back in the truck, and this time folks I'm out on my own. The mate's back at home while I try this on my own for about two weeks. The setup is that I was to shuttle a couple of empty trailers around up in the Seattle area. It was back enough the navigation kept trying to take me down a road that was blocked off. I did find a way around eventually, only to find the trailer's not there. I call up the department, and it's the night shift, who says that one's in Texas, and the second one I was going to head across the state to grab is somewhere on the FL/GA border. Shees!

So now I run back to the Pilot at Exit 99, and just manage to find a parking spot for the night, since by now I'm done for the day. I was going to fuel earlier, only to find I left the settlement card at home. Oh crap! So I have the following options.

  • Get an empty trl from...somewhere and find a load in the area. Once that's done, I can take an advance on the fuel card, which I still have for one tank's worth of fuel. The mate can mail me the settlement card to a location en route.

  • Wait here for the card to be overnighted or priority mail, since they'd probably arrive at about the same time.

  • Say screw it and just bobtail back home. I've got enough fuel to get there after finding a fuel receipt I'd forgotten about, so I've got more fuel than originally thought.

I could also pick up the wifi hotspot which I'd forgotten about as well, so the phone's the only mobile spot I have, which rules out talking on the phone and using the net at the same time.

What a welcome back. I'll be sure to make another post summarizing the past three months at a later time. Right now, it looks like bedtime.
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October 7th, 2017

01:24 pm - The Left Hand Side is going pffffft.
What follows is a list of electrical issues dealing with the truck or household items that have suffered electrical disconnects.

  • The connector for the driver's side headlamp seems to have overheated, and the ground burned up, resulting in replacement. So far, so good. This is most likely at least partly due to the ECM telling the alternator to crank out more voltage than it really needs to over an extended time.

  • Last night, I discovered the left turn signal on the tail light wasn't working...again. First time round I just changed the bulb and all was well. This time I found the real culprit. A butt splice near the main connector to the tail light harness had corroded through and broken. So, had to risk the drive down to McCoy Freightliner and get another one. That's install now, so corrected.

  • Now I discover on this old HP keyboard that I got from Goodwill that the D key has stopped working. It already had a couple that weren't working, like the - key on the keypad, but those were easy to work around. Not so much with the D. So...looks like back to Goodwill for another round, since it's a USB keyboard, and the only spare I have is PS2, which ain't gonna work.

  • One on of our ScanGuages there's some solder joints that have broken, resulting in no backlight to the screen of any kind or color. It will be delicate to fix, but doable.

What do all these have in common? They're all electrical breakages that occurred on the left hand side. I keep wondering if this is the gods trying to tell me something, but if so, what? I need to contemplate this more.

Now as you can see from our location, I'm back home! So that much is good. More on this later as CCleaner wants to shut down Firefox which I'm using to type this entry up. So see ya in a few!
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October 4th, 2017

05:04 pm - At least the setting and possibly the soundtrack for a Samhain ritual
I doubt I can get it together in time enough to actually perform this year, but the time is certainly right. Now...

Picture a horse barn with a smaller corral off in one corner. Black cloth covers and obscures the entrance to it. This my friends, is the psychomantium, complete with candles, seat, and angled mirror inside.

Now the main section is covered in straw, and tombstones. Everyone should be in costume of someone well known and deceased, be it a celebrity, historical figure, or what have you.

Towards the back, there's white cloth draped across the entire barn, concealing one area to create a backstage, dressing room, projection room or what have you.

Soundtrack there's way too much to consider, but once the formal ritual is done I MUST hear Elton John's "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding". I MUST!
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September 17th, 2017

06:09 pm - I'm also feeling the urge to write ritual once more.
This time for Samhain. It's a sabbat sadly rather neglected within the pagan community in the Pacific NW. Time to change that.

I've got the setting at least. It'll be somewhat outdoors. Samhain SHOULD be cold and wet after all, and the end of October is exactly that in Oregon. But there will be a roof overhead, just with an open side. Weird thing is, I've got the stage set, and a basic soundtrack, but the form of the actual ritual, uhhhhh what? It should end with a partay though.
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05:14 pm - Of Parallel Universes and Visualization
Okay. It's been...way too long here.

One of the things that will happen in a future post is I'm off reading the book "Create Your Own Reality" based on the Seth Material. I've only gotten to the second exercise so far, but it is feeling like the way to go. This one to me anyway pretty much feels like your basic Behavioral Psychology, but if that's the case, so be it.

In summary, one is to list out one's accomplishments, and what one changed in order to attain them. Then perhaps a pattern to this will emerge. Or not. For me, the problems been thinking of an accomplishment that didn't eventually fizzle out. There's been...a handful perhaps. I'll have to go back and read through it again.

However, what's touched on me more recently came out on a Coast to Coast AM episode, mostly based on the multiple worlds theory. Wherever you are now, in a parallel universe exists the ideal of what you either wish to be or achieve.

To me, in its own way every universe has its basic "carrier frequency", sort of like AM/FM radio. Your current reality may be somewhere around 220Mhz. Your 'ideal' may exist on 290Mhz. Both frequencies are carried simultaneously over the air, or ether, or whatever medium it is. The trick is to make the correct choices where your own frequency shifts higher or lower, until it merges with the 'ideal'. Now I put ideal in quotes because it really is like Jeff Bridges said in "Tron:Legacy",

That's the funny thing about perfection. It's always right there in front of you, and yet you can never grasp it.

Meaning that when the ideal is achieved, it turns into the current state, at which point another ideal emerges, so one is always in a process of becoming, rather than achieving any final, static state.
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August 30th, 2017

09:23 pm - The vision comes together?
After watching the Livestream of Marianne Williamson's latest talk based on A Course in Miracles, it feels like the basics of an actual ritual or at least it's purpose is starting to form.

Human caused disasters - Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukoshima

Hurricanes - Katrina, Rita, Dennis, Sandy, Harvey

And as I gazed upon the pattern Harvey created over the landscape, it occurred to me. Hurricanes are the collective expression of both ours and the planet's own unresolved outrage and grief. I used to say that as we started coming to grips with the devastation our own species is causing, the Earth was nudging us, saying "What's going on here?" No longer. Now I think she's really gone to the "Hey, knock it off." phase. And if it really does come down to humanity or the planet surviving but not both, which one do you think will come out on top?

Sense a pattern here? It seems the scale of each succeeding disaster is larger than the previous one, as if our own collective unconscious is trying to wake us up to something, because it is.

I agree with her on at least one point. Unsustainable is too nice a word. How about self-destructive? Maybe that would work better.

And so as we gather at the Nexus, we gather not just for this little piece of land which we see around us. We gather not just for ourselves. We don't even gather just for our own species. No. We gather to make THIS spot, THIS Nexus a nexus for all the planet, because more than anything it's what we need. I know I've felt its potential, and now it's time to unlock it and let it do its own work. The healing powers of the Earth we haven't even begun to fathom. But as great as they are, they are still not infinite. There IS a limit beyond even which they cannot go. It is up to us to actually listen to it, and as small and powerless as we feel at times act upon what it says.

It's that time. Do it.
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07:24 pm - So, did a dry run.
So, this upcoming weekend we're hosting a campout in order to activate/uplift/something or another to the Nexus, as well as Labor Day weekend. So woot to that. We went out driving along US26 to try and find a spot to meet up with one attendee, who's notorious for losing her way. I knew of a few places along the way, west of Banks where US26 turns from a four lane highway into a two lane road. Sure enough, we picked the DQ at Manning. Well, oooookay.

But, now even the recycling and intial runs to Goodwill are done. The storage space is cleared out, and everything we kept within it has found a home somewhere in our house. We still plan to move the television to the office, and with a bit of intrigue I did find A USB docking station that just takes one cable and bam, it appears to turn the laptop into the guts for a desktop, just add keyboard, mouse, monitor, and any other peripherals desired. All for less than $100. This is important because mention was made of using the TV as a monitor, and this item would certainly help with that.

Other than that, we still need to actually write the ritual for the Nexus. Eeek. But I'm contemplating that this evening. So hopefully it'll be done. So yay.
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August 26th, 2017

01:29 pm - Eclipse and all
So, yeah. Got to witness the eclipse from the comfort of my back yard. Through the glasses it didn't seem like a whole lot, mostly the sun just winked out, and then came back. It didn't get night time dark, but the dimming did have a rather eerie quality to it. We were across from Linfield College, and we heard clapping go up once totality was achieved. So we joined in for that minute or so.

In trucking news, as you can see by our location, we're STILL home, and will be until 9/7/2017, when our next load is scheduled. The final parts for the inframe only came in yesterday. So the truck will be done next week, BUT we want to be home over Labor Day weekend to dedicate the Nexus, a shrine at Ffynnon, and indeed one I personally discovered. Now we need to dedicate it.

So, also back to the truck. We're hoping with the extra time the cruise can finally be operational again, and mayyyybe we'll have enough left over to get the A/C working on the APU once more. Urk.

What else? The cleaning out of the storage space is proceeding. We've been in contact with a service the can deodorize the china cabinet and the dishes within, which has been the biggest sticking point. Furniture-wise, there's only that, a stereo cabinet, a desk, and a bed frame left. We can give the old frame to the Habitat Re-Store, though I'm still not sure where the other pieces are gonna go, at least not without major moving things around.

Computer-wise, I need to swap out speaker systems between the two desktops, as th i7 has the capacity for four channel speakers, whereas th i5 does not, and currently has no speakers hooked up at all. There's also a hard drive fan I should install onto one of the i7's drives as well, probably the main 500gig disk.

I've got a bid out for one more 1T drive, and if I get it, I'll install that one in the i5 as well. Though sadly, it seems the TrueOS installation DVD doesn't seem to boot fully, so further investigation is needed, even though more and more this HP's BIOS appears really finicky as far as hardware and OS installation is concerned. Any OS can only be installed as UEFI, and I had to leave the onboard video enabled to have it work with the 2gig card I installed.

Yesterday, we tried to get out first to Evergreen, since a big band was playing there 7-8. Well, got caught up in a major financial meeting(is there any other kind?), and when we finished that and some shopping, we didn't have enough time left to get ready. So as an alternate we wandered over to Walnut City Wineworks, since they were having a block party, only it appears to have ended early, so nothing much to enjoy there. We did have the first day of Dragging the Gut, so got to see cars, old and new and in various stages of repair cruise up and down 3rd Street. We'll try both Walnut City and Dragging the Gut again today, only get out earlier!
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August 15th, 2017

01:53 pm - How about THAT?
I turned into a plumber today. Just call me Luigi. First, I unclogged the bathroom sink. I knew it would be a series of escalating steps. So I tried the easiest one first, which is just letting the water run till it backs up, putting the plunger over the drain, and whaling away. That didn't do it. In fact, it was starting to act like it did the last time it backed up, which meant escalating two steps. I had planned on simply taking the stopper out and cleaning it off to see if that would change anything, but no. I had a feeling that'd just be so much wasted energy. So to the outbuilding to break out the plumbing snake and the channel locks.

I got the pipes off and in went the snake. Fortunately the clog wasn't that far down, and like...ewwwwww. I yanked out a wig's worth of hair, with plenty of brown sludge clinging to it. At that point, yeah. Rubber gloves to clean it off. I took everything out back, but not before the snake flung brown gunk onto the left shoulder of a plain white tshirt. Lovely! But...cleaning it off, ran it down again just to make sure, coming back with nothing. So! I reassembled everything, and ran both hot and cold full blast to see how it would drain. No problem, and no leaks! Clean up, put everything back, and done! Time spent, appox 1hr.

Next task, replace the laundry room faucet. The hot water part broke off. I had turned off the supply line at the wall for hot to prevent further leaks, but sometimes when the cold ran full blast a little would leak out from the break. Once again, I needed my good friend the channel locks to detach the supply line from the hot part side of the faucet. Wasn't too tight, and it shouldn't be to prevent cracks and stripping to brass threads. The cold water side was simply a plastic spin nut, so yay. Supply lines gone, mounting nuts gone, remove spray hose from center, and the old faucet is outta there.

I didn't quite follow the steps as listed, because I tightened the mounting nuts down on the faucet before hooking up the central spray hose. It was just a quick disconnect anyway. So put on the supply lines last. Then remove the aerator and run both sides full blast for a few seconds to clear out the pipes. All good, and no leaks once again! Yay! Put aerator back on, clean up, and we've got a brand spanking new laundry faucet, with working sprayer.

This second one's really satisfying, because it's been on my Kanban list for like oh, say a year and a half now? Funny how time flies. And the day's not even over yet! I think next I'm calling up CopyCats and see if they can make three 14 X 17 inch prints of a JPEG of Sutekh I made some time ago, preferably on fairly heavy paper, maybe even cardstock. Then I'd take the three prints straight to the framer down the street.

But first! Lunch.
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August 8th, 2017

11:11 pm - Okay, finally wrestled this beast to the ground.
I weaned the i5 OFF the television and onto a monitor. I had to buy another Goodwill special with a DIV(DVI?) input, and buy the right cable for it. BUT...it works, 98% anyway. The monitor has one annoying bright line along the bottom half, but hey, I also managed to find a use for the 2gig card, so that's an added bonus.
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August 3rd, 2017

12:59 pm - Whoot! First successful UEFI install of Ubuntu!
I recently won an auction at shopgoodwill.com for an HP p7 1180t. Nice capacity at least. I took the 4g RAM stick and the 1tb drive out of the dead A10, and both those items work fine. The video is still being a bit of a bugaboo. More on that later.

It's not documented anywhere, but I'm suspecting that this desktop's BIOS is set up to accept only Micro$oft MBRs on a hard drive. This isn't so bad for a data drive, but it's absolutely murder for trying to install the OS. It took me three different versions of Ubuntu and probably over ten installs before I finally came upon the correct process.

  1. Create a small, say 100mb partition as the first one as an EFI partition.

  2. Have Ubuntu install GRUB onto that same partition, rather than the MBR.

  3. Install OS on second created partition, set up other partitions according to taste.

Now for the video. It seems like a second quirk in the BIOS is that it won't allow for a VGA out. I have two video cards I've tried like that, and of course the only input I have for my monitor is VGA. So next step is to try a DVI to VGA adapter out of the DVI port on the card and see what that does. It does work on the TV, with HDMI. So, something's obviously working. I suppose if all else fails, find a monitor with HDMI in, and go at it that way.
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