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August 30th, 2019

07:30 pm - The Latest Dog and Pony Show.
In other words, the Democratic Party debates and primaries.

Maybe it's just the Gen X in me saying this, but why are we even bothering to watch? You know what's gonna happen when the chips are down.

The leadership's all gonna line up and annoint the most "electable" candidate who just happens to be...coincidence of coincidences!...the most corporate friendly one. Don't believe me? Then just stay tuned, and remember these words.

Though I suppose a bit of recent history also helps to illustrate, and least on the national level. Let's cover the presidential campaigns since 1988, around the time the Democrats decided to become watered down Republicans. I've considered since 1980 or even before since the 1970's saw the repeal of the usury laws allowing credit card companies to charge whatever interest rate they wanted, and boy did they. But that's a bit of a digression. Let's stick with 1988 to the present.

1988 Michael Dukakis. Lost.
1992, 1996 William Jefferson Clinton, whose watch gave us Nafta, the repeal of Glass-Spiegel, welfare "reform", and so on. This was a win?
2000 Albert Gore, lost.
2004 John Kerry, lost.
2008, 2012. Barack Obama. I had hope for this guy. I really did. But it only took one look at his financial team to know nothing would change that way. Nothing but Wall Street insiders. Despite all the ballyhoo about public contributions, his biggest contributors were still the investment banks. And while we're at it...

That ACA(Affordable Care Act). This was a big, fat, wet kiss on the unrepentant ass of the insurance industry, because it created a captive market. Everything that was good about the act(eliminating pre-existing conditions, extending the age offspring can be on their parent's policy to age 25, etc) all of that could have been passed without the legal mandate. And I couldn't help notice the public option was the first thing jettisoned off the bill almost like...gee were they really serious about it to begin with? And of course banking reform went nowhere, even with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress and the White House. Of the two, I would have rather seen the latter gotten behind and passed. At least it would have left more money in the pockets of the general populace to afford things like...you know...health insurance. The emphasis on renewable energy was laudable, but as we've seen easily reversible. Again, this was a win?

2016 - You know the answer already. Let's not go there.

So, if you sort by year, the success rate is fifty percent. If you sort by candidate, the success rate is thirty three and a third percent.

Yeah guys, that's a real winning strategy all right.
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August 27th, 2019

02:57 pm - Living well is the best revenge
Yes. It all started about three days ago wheny yours truly suffered heat stroke. My mate woke me up in the bunk as I was sounding like I was asphyxiating. I woke up incredibly dizzy, and sweating profusely. I managed to get forward to the driver's seat where it was cooler, and opened the door, trying to breathe and still drinking.

Then I got sick for the first time, probably severely dehydrated.

The good thing is the truck didn't have to move for the rest of the day, so we found a spot at the Cartersville, GA TA. Yeah, hot, and I've felt it more humid, but it was still pretty bad. We got the truck to a parking spot, and I got sick twice on the way. But at least that was the last time. In the AC I managed to come down enough to recover.

The head and stomach were a touch sensitive the next day, but after that, all better. So yay.

So okay, what does all this have to do with revelations, other than keep yourself hydrated? It's a bit of a story.

If you've been following closely, you might have read about my ponderings of how did I get here in the first place? Verily, I did ask the Lord about this, and alas have yet to receive an answer. So, knowing that much, when I ask someone else a question and they don't answer right away, I can think of two reasons for this. One, it's an answer they don't think I want to hear. Two, it's an answer that would cast them in a bad light.

But after that episode I also came to the conclusion it didn't matter how. Yes, the Lord may very well be in Michael Palin's words "a rotten bastard" who contrary to popular belief just has it in for us. Why, you'll have to ask them. It doesn't matter. The trick is to keep smiling through it all, just to piss them the fuck off.

It would have been nicer to realize this without coming a hair's breadth from passing on, but...hey. Here I still fucking am. So nyeah.
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July 20th, 2019

11:09 am - There.
Those lists were transferred over to kanbanflow.com. Much more workable.
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10:51 am - And For Fueling.
TA and Petro have instituted a new rewards program which makes them a heck of a lot more competitive with Pilot/Flying J's. They're giving us like 4 points for every fill up now, with added coupons and credits that can be redeemed for showers or meals, or even parking, which is REALLY good for us.
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10:41 am - Where's the dragon now?
Mainly just quickly updating because ya know. On the road and still busy with driving and all that. Eastern US has been hot and humid as all fucking getout, yet still somehow not as bad as the childhood days of southern NJ where you'd step outside and into a sauna. It literally felt like that. Instasweat. I've started keeping a list of lists around as a private entry, just so I know what the hell to do, though I should probably take it and move those items over to the kanban I have online. Duh. Easier that way.

And yeah, speaking of hot, our APU has gone dark, meaning no lights on the controller. I found a YouTube video(amazing how helpful those can be sometimes), who pointed out a 2amp fuse might be blown. I went in, checked every single fuse and the breaker and no dice. I have a feeling the mainboard on the controller is now fried. It happens.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention our home phone and internet was dead when we arrived last time. At first we thought it was the battery on the backup. It was beeping and did need replacing. So we did that and...nothing. Called up Frontier, who took it off quarantine and still nothing. So it was tech time. Turns out the board outside on their controller went boom, so after replacing that all's well. And as an added bonus, we found we DO have voicemail again, with online access, so I got that set up. Yay.

What else? Seems like time and being fifty one has a way of making things like keeping your journal updated slip through your fingers. But I did send off our latest oil sample today. We need to keep in mind that since the APU's been out, we've been forced to idle a LOT, which has driven down our mileage and probably dumped fuel into the oil as well. We'll have it changed when we get home.

Now all that's left is to update Profit and Fuel Gauges with a couple more fuel receipts. Yay. Now aren't you all glad you read this?
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July 6th, 2019

06:32 pm - Script written, and works!
Okay, the crontab didn't work as expected, so I went back to the original idea of writing a login script to do the job.

There IS a built in function to display the day of the week, namely date +%A. This returns the full name of the day. So from there, it was setting a variable to that value, namely $DAYOFTHEWEEK = date +%A.

So from there, it was just setting up a case statement and setting the background accordingly.

If anyone out there cares for a copy of the full script, just drop me an email and I'll attach it to my reply. You can set the background color, image, or whatever you care to.
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July 5th, 2019

06:46 pm - So much to post about.
Everything from last weeks Democratic Presidential Debates to having to send in a second set of 1040Xs for 2018 since I discovered errors in making corrections. Oy.

First the debates. Start with the first night. The one who impressed me the most, Cory Booker. I mean, yeah Elizabeth Warren was the frontrunner for that particular night, though to me it felt more like she was playing not to lose. And let's face it. It probably didn't move the needle much for anybody that night. Maybe Liz got a bump, but probably not much.

Second night was much more interesting for me, since it included Bernie Sanders, who got me to switch party affiliations long enough to vote for him in Oregon's primary, though our state never decides a damn thing because the primary comes too late. The one that I was really watching though was Marianne Williamson, because my mate and I have been following her for over a decade, so she's not a new face to us. I know she ran an unsuccessful campaign for state representative a few years ago. I dunno. I do believe more than any other candidate she defined the absolute root causes of what's wrong with our political system. And because she dared speak the truth, the leadership will do all they can to lock her out. Not that it matters. She did really well at identifying the causes, but without any solutions as to what to do about it. Praying for a solution may be fine if you've been following A Course in Miracles like we have for a number of years, which I suppose when the solution isn't obvious is what you're supposed to do. But, as they say, will it play in Peoria? I'm not as sure the average US democratic voter would go for that. We're planning to donate to her campaign, but whether she'll make the next debate is questionable.

But Bernie did prove nobody, not even Donald Trump can outshout him. :)
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03:15 pm - Crontab job. Will it work?
One of the things I did enjoy about the Unity desktop is that I had control over both the background image to use, and the background color. GNOME seems only to give control over the background image, at least in the GUI. There is a command you can use to change the background.

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background primary-color "#<Insert RGB values here>"

My thing is that I like to change the background color based on the day of the week. So while I could type this command in once a day to change the background color, it'd get tedious and cumbersome quick. So...

I wrote my first user crontab to execute the same command with different color values based on the day of the week. Now I'm not totally sure whether it'll execute the crontab on login, but that's what I'm betting on.
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May 28th, 2019

09:46 pm - A Lesson I'm Still Learning.
You only get out of life what you put into it. If you want more, you must look for ways to give more. There's a prayer in A Course in Miracles that states

Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say, and to whom?

And, as my mom would say "Simple, but not easy." At least over the past few days, I've been trying to focus more on what I can give in any moment rather than what I can get out of it. Because let's face it. Nobody gets what they want all the time. So you can't control that. But you can control what you give, or don't give.
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08:28 pm - So yeah.
I did finally get those three years of tax returns amended and printed out today. All that's left to do is for the mate to sign and date them, shove a check for $227 to the state for 2018 into one(????), and send them off. I skipped sending the state 2016 and 2017 since as far as they're concerned, nothing changed.

In other news, our truck will be in the shop an extra day, so tomorrow is officially the day we get it back, and load 'er up, for heading out on Thursday. The mate and I have been running through the getting the truck ready list, and a good portion of it is either done, or a good way through the process of finishing up. What's left doesn't take all that long. Bedding and rugs will be ready by tomorrow morning. The rugs are simply drying right now. I rinsed out the cooler, and that's all that was really necessary.

Speaking of the truck, we put her in for a buttload of work this time, and got some good news about it.

  • Shocks, replaced as necessary.

  • Front differential replaced. AUGH, but necessary.

  • Leveling valve was faulty, so replaced. That little bastard probably contributed mightily to a lot of other parts failing, since we were riding on deflated airbags.

  • Cabin fan, replaced it looks like.

  • Drive lines, replaced. They did have over 1,000,000 miles on them after all.

  • Turns out the rubber gasket on the carrier bearing had shifted, so it didn't need to be replaced, just put back. So yay.

I'm sure the bills still gonna be quite spendy. Seems like the front differential alone was about $6000 last time. Now for what I need to do to it when we get it back.

  • Replace the fog lights with LED lamps.

  • Replace the drivers side headlight cup. The adjusting threading broke when someone backed into it a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Not to mention that ugly scratch.

  • Of course, clean the Fleet Air Filter and put back.

  • If possible, fill in the chip on the passenger's windshield.

  • There was more to do, but the parts won't arrive until after we leave, so they'll have to wait till next time.

Next time

  • Spiral wrap the air and pigtail electrical line to prevent rubbing. Right now it's all wire tied together, which will work for now, but looks kind ugly.

  • Replace the low beams with LED bulbs. If they work well, order the high beams and replace those too.

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May 10th, 2019

03:13 pm - Oh Joy. Here comes 1040X for three different years now.
It seems I declared income on Schedule C wrong for the past three years. So it'll be time to break out Turbotax for those years(2016, 2017, 2018), and go to forms, to fill out a 1040X. I needed to split the Sched C income between the mate and myself, as well as fill out separate Sched SE's for both of us. Our Social Security income is screwed up because of this. So I need to fix it, and fix it fast.
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May 1st, 2019

05:36 am - An entire month of bare metal
Well, yikes. It's been a month already since my last update? Too long, my friends, too long. Anyway, I'm sitting here at the shop since I discovered last night the truck broke a leaf spring on the front suspension. I've already emailed dispatch letting them know of our delay, since it won't be for about another four hours till they can get us in.

Hoo boy. And not only that, when we get home it looks like we're gonna need about the entire drive train replaced...again! I think it's the main drive line eating the surrounding parts, and we've already replaced just about everything surrounding it, including the front differential, which is leaking and slowly tearing itself apart once more. I tried calling the shop at home yesterday, but got no answer, so I'll try again today.

I'm still interested in trying to get FreeBSD installed as a viable desktop system. I'm considering using the KDE desktop, since some of GNOME's tools don't seem to work quite as advertised. And I'm still working on finding a good telnet client. I might try Tinyfugue, if I have to compile something.
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April 1st, 2019

02:39 pm - Going bare metal install with FreeBSD
So, I'm trying once again to get a working desktop version of FreeBSD installed. There's several additional steps to consider, and one absolutely must be comfortable with only a command line interface, no GUI here, at least not at first. I've decided on GNOME for the GUI after installing Xorg, since I'm a bit more familiar with it, and Ubuntu's officially retreated from Unity and made GNOME the default desktop for 18.04. Afterwards I still installed Unity and Lightdm for a relatively seamless user experience, but still I suppose at some point we'll still be forced to use GNOME and support for Unity will go away.

One big hurdle I just overcame today was getting the wireless up and running on this old HP Elitebook. wpa_supplicant.conf was being a real bear for some reason, and the network entries have to be in there just...so. But I finally did get in configured.

Also one other hurdle is that this laptop has a pushbutton to toggle the wireless on and off. For a long time the light on it was yellow, meaning even with the ethernet cable unplugged, it wasn't working. Seems like an ifconfig wlan0 up did the trick? Hard to tell. But after enough futzing, I did get it to connect to the phone's hotspot(which is gonna be BIG soon), get an IP address from DHCP, and be able to surf from there.

Other smaller hurdles remain. Octopkg, the package manager for GNOME isn't working correctly, so I'm forced to use pkg after installing sudo and configuring it for everyone in the sudo group to work. Yay. Sound for some reason isn't working either. Seems like it just needs a way to be brought up, and I don't know how.

One nice point is that when I installed LibreOffice, it automatically added in Base, so I didn't have to install that additionally. There's still more to go, and I haven't really started using it AS a desktop machine, rather than something to experiment on, but it's coming along to that point. Maybe I'll buy a bigger notebook hard drive and make it dual boot between Ubuntu and FreeBSD for a while. Who knows.
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March 30th, 2019

11:15 am - And while I'm packing
It must be turning over the half century mark. My music listening tastes have started going towards Norse, or at least groups trying to recapture that particular spirit, such as Heilung, Skald, Wardruna, and more.

Wish I could say more, but I've still got a truck to pack up, and better get to it.

Well, though as it turns out we may not leave until Tuesday, so that eases off some pressure. We really won't know till Monday when we get in contact with our dedicated dispatcher and see what works best for them. But in the meantime it never hurts to get as much packed as possible, of which there's still plenty to do that way.
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09:20 am - And now time to pick it up and shove it in.
Meaning it's time to pack up the truck and get ready to head on out tomorrow. I keep a list on kanbanflow of what to do, and some of it needs editing, but that's just how it goes.
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March 21st, 2019

01:43 pm - So, it's done.
I completed version 1.0 of the Samhain ritual yesterday. Talk about draining. Now I'm not gonna share it right away. It'll probably undergo a couple of revisions before I feel it's sharable. But at least it's done, and only three months later than planned. It was also emotionally draining to write.

And...I'm on my way home after this unloading. I've been gone for about five weeks. Whew. That's enough.
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March 2nd, 2019

12:03 pm - Oh Lord, stuck in old Lodi again?
I see my last entry was made from Ontario, OR. And here I am now about 55 miles away in Boise, ID. Well, to be honest I have been kind of stuck in the Pacific NW, trying to get OUT.

Business-wise, we lost money in February, and it was as bad as 2016. Thankfully we did have reserves because sooner or later you will have months like this. March so far is shaping up to be much better, even if my next load doesn't pick up till Tuesday 3/5.

It's funny. I did get that last trailer inspected at the Boise TA. Now here I am again at the Boise TA, in line to get this trailer inspected as well. It's not as bad as the last one. It's less than a month behind schedule.

So today's lesson in A Course In Miracles really struck home, since I used it in conjunction with drawing runes. I got the bag back out, which you know I should do more often. This morning I drew Fehu, though for meditation I searched around and took out Sowelu, which more than any of the others seems to be my personal rune.

The lesson for today is "I am the Light of the World", and Sowelu indeed tells about that divine light. To draw it from its source and then send it out into the world. Although that does bring up an odd question. If this world of the senses is really naught but illusion, then why bother sending light out into it? Now though I'm starting to believe it's not so much for the outer world that this benefits, but the inner one.
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February 14th, 2019

08:04 pm - Happy V Day!
And for that day, as something special I ran the truck over about 30 miles of ice. I finally made it out of the Portland area, which I had sat in for three days due to chain laws and accidents on i84 both Tuesday and Wednesday. Which reminds me. I need to start looking for loads outta here picking up around Saturday or so. Tomorrow I deliver, and then do a buncha other stuff.

  • Get this trailer in for an overdue inspection.

  • Hopefully pick up a hood mirror mount at a nearby Rush Truck Centers.

  • Get the truck washed.

  • Groceries.

  • Maybe see if there's somewhere nearby I can grab a couple of hard drive enclosures too.

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February 9th, 2019

10:54 pm - All in all
A fairly accomplished time at home. Just about everything on the business list got done. Really, even the forms for converting our business from a simple partnership to an LLC are ready to be mailed off, along with a $100 payment. And since we need to renew come late March anyway...bam, perfect timing that way.

For the home front, got the faucet and the stove burner fixed/replaced.

Now the snow's settled in, and getting out of her tomorrow could prove an adventure, but after crawling through WY in the wind over potentially icy roads, no biggie there now. Jeez.
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February 7th, 2019

11:35 pm - I've got your fricking tax cut right here!
Okay. More or less the final numbers have been entered into Turbotax. I went back through, corrected mistakes, updated figures...and now we owe $2765 to the feds. That's not the part that cheeses me off though.

Turbotax 2018 has a lovely little two year comparison report it's showing me right now, including total income, deductions, taxable income, and taxes owed. Now from 2017 to 2018 our taxable income basically doubled, which is a good thing, because it means we made more money, although business-wise our revenue really only went up by 50 percent, so that's suspicious right there.

Now the real kicker. The federal taxes we owed TRIPLED from the previous year. Yeah, nice cut there guys! More like a kick in the nuts. We can still claim per diem, but now it's a deduction from income, not from taxes owed which is a huge difference.

Thank the gods we're not company drivers, for they lost that deduction altogether, for a REAL kick in the shorts, even with the increase in the standard deduction.
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08:57 pm - Slogging along
I closed out January today at least. So that's something. In fact on the business end pretty much everything is done, except actually setting up the LLC. I found Publication 3402, which states that an LLC can be taxed as a simple partnership, which is what we're doing now. Though if I send in uh, form uhhhh...what's that number again? Yeah. Form 2553 the LLC will then be taxed the same as an S corporation. Still I think for tax purposes we should eventually wind up with a full on S corp. I'm thinking of visiting the local chamber of commerce to investigate this further.

But tomorrow looks more like more work on the home front, specifically the dripping sink. We're probably best off just replacing the damn thing, but man they left NO room to work underneath. It's almost like I'd have to take the whole flipping sink out just to replace that faucet. URK.
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February 6th, 2019

12:14 pm - One way to find out.
This whole Trump tax bill has me curious about whether I actually fared better or worse. So this idea hit me. Plug 2017's numbers into 2018 Turbotax and see what happens. My suspicion is I'd wind up owing more since Per Diem no longer counts as a deduction. But let's wait for the final verdict on that one. I mean, I still have all those numbers, and it's not too hard to plug them right back in.
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11:59 am - Further Progress
Okay, I figured out to set up an LLC within Oregon, we'd just need to send in two forms, one to dissolve the DBA that we're currently doing business under, and one to file for the new LLC. However I need to figure out tax filings, schedules, and whatnot for an LLC before I go and sign up. I figure irs.gov would be the place to find such info, and if not, then oregon.gov. I doubt it's that much more complicated, since we have no employees at this time.

Also I've booked the first load, and called about a second, which I'm sort of nervous about since the first load delivers to ID, which isn't a bustling hub of outgoing freight, so any load going out of there is pretty much a good load. I might try calling them again in about an hour if I get no answer to the voicemail I left.

Also in the meantime, I'm starting to enter final figures into the taxes. I updated the revenue figure, which took us from a $197 refund to owning nearly $1200. But I'm not done yet, so I'm expecting that figure to go lower. We did have more than that put back in the tax fund, so if we do wind up owing, we shouldn't have to dip into anything else.
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February 4th, 2019

01:48 pm - That's one piece down.
I went back through Profit Gauges and found some discrepancies.

  • Two settlements hadn't even been entered. So I got them in.

  • Reimbursements had to be accounted for as such. Landstar lists them as refunds.

  • Things deducted out of the income section needed to be accounted for as such. So I updated those when needed.

After all that updating, Our 1099-MISC and Profit Gauges agree to the penny. So THAT much is good. Now I just have to get the updated figures into Turbotax.
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February 3rd, 2019

09:29 pm - And this is not to mention the household items.
Household tasks.

  • Repair or replace the kitchen faucet. This is tricky since I've looked underneath, and there's not much clearance.

  • Replace one burner on the kitchen electric stove.

  • Order some LED replacement bulbs for the bathroom light. The halogen 100W ones burn out faster then you can blink your eye.

  • The agitator to the washing machine isn't working. Fix that as well.

  • Have the sewer outlet from the house rerouted since it got clogged by roots last year. Estimated cost of movement is $3000.

So, yeah.
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February 2nd, 2019

03:55 pm - New year, new...stuff
Well after nearly a two month hiatus again, our faithful(*snort*) dragon is back at it once again. Most of it's been taken up by solo driving across country of course. Though lucky for me, I seemed to dodge the snow that gripped most of the country, and got home right just before the record cold swept through the upper Midwest US. I had to mush through some heavy winds in WY(40+mph gusts), or else I would have sat the whole weekend waiting on 60mph winds to die down sometime last Monday 1/28, the day I delivered my last load before going home. Neat. Never actually delivered to an oil refinery before, so you can imagine the security measures put in place to avoid a big BOOM.

Today I got to involve myself in set creation for a play that my mate will have a singing/dancing part in, "The Addams Family" musical. So it'll be an extra measure of satisfaction knowing part of that set I had a hand in creating.

Now that I'm home, there's some firsts to take care of this week.

  • Close out January. The bank statement won't be in till Monday I'm guessing, so that's the earliest I can take care of that.

  • Call the Oregon Secretary of State's office, because we need to change our operation from a simple partnership to an official LLC, and from there convert it to an S corporation for tax savings purposes. The LLC part probably isn't that hard I would bet, since we already have our DBA and our Tax ID number. It's just a matter of conversion, or at least I hope the conversion is simple.

  • Call up Landstar, and dispute the amount they put down on our 1099-MISC. So far, adding up all my settlements together totals about $6000 less than what they put down. So I'm not sure where the discrepancy is coming from. It's not reimbursements. We don't have any.

  • Of course, start booking loads for when I got back out again, starting sometime most likely 2-11, and finishing towards the end of March.

My mate doesn't want me running across WY again at this time of year. I could run regional, but I'd wind up making a lot less if I did. And frankly, I only did so twice last time out. Once going out. Once coming back, which is what I'd do again.

So how are all of you out there? Doing well I hope.

Oh! And a bit of interesting sports news. I've started listening to the Flyers again, just in time for them to start a seven game win streak.

Maybe I'm a jinx for one team, and good luck for another? Weird.
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December 11th, 2018

03:59 pm - In which our hero achieves the nerd award successfully create a network bridge in Ubuntu.
So yeah. On 12/5 Frontier came over and upgraded our internet service from 15/5M to...whatever it is now. Hang on. Huh. It hasn't been updated on their site yet. Ah well.

The upshot of this little bugaboo is that the internet router is physically located on the other side of the house. This room has(or had, more on that in a moment), two desktops with NO wifi capability. And I doubt I could run less than a 100ft CAT5 cable from one end of the house to the other. So what to do?

First attempt was to try and reconfigure the old router into a repeater, which after searching around and finally getting to log into its control panel, I found I had no option for. Boo! So it's now a fancy paperweight. In fact I have two of them now, though I could keep this one around in case the other one fails. In fact, I should log into it as well and change the network name and password. It's way too klunky to remember at all.

So...aha! I have this old C-Crane wifi antenna, which I plugged into a USB port on the print server. In fact, theonly remaining port. Oy. I knew Ubuntu would recognize it, since I used it that way before. Brought it up, and BAM! Recognized instantly and was able to log on to the wifi router. Good, so I got one desktop going. Now the other one. Which meant setting up the ethernet port as a bridge.

Ubuntu does have a way to do this under Editing connections. This is the order I did it in.

  1. Open edit connections by left clicking on the network icon, and clicking on Edit connections.

  2. Once that little window is up, click on the ethernet connection, and delete it. Here it's clicking on the minus sign in the lower left corner, and confirming that's what needs to be done.

  3. Right next to it, click the plus sign, which is to add a new connection.

  4. From the pop up window, select Bridge then click create.

  5. When editing the bridge comes up, Click on ADD for bridged connections, then Ethernet for type.

  6. On the Device drop down list, select the ethernet interface to use. It will have both the name and MAC address listed. Click Save.

  7. select the IPV4 Settings tab, and select "Shared to other computers" for Method. This is an important detail that's NOT documented anywhere I saw. Again, click Save.

  8. Now it should be set up.

So that was fun. Now it's back to getting that media box ready to go. I have a DVD drive and a wireless card ready for it, but haven't installed them yet. That's the next step.

In other news, there's still plenty else to do.

  • Work on this year's Xmas card. That's tomorrow.

  • Close out November.

  • Finish epoxying Isis back together. All she needs are the small pieces I found. That will mean the end of ALL epoxying till something else gets broken.

  • Updating, installing, yadda yadda yadda.

  • Finish up laundry for truck.

  • Pack truck, yadda yadda yadda

I'm hoping to be back on the road by this weekend, with the kitties in the truck this time.
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November 21st, 2018

12:26 pm - Short and Sweet
Welcome back gelasia!
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12:22 pm - Thanksgiving Prep
This activity always seems like a fight to the finish with me. I'm busy looking up a chocolate espresso cheesecake recipe, and of course the one I always used isn't showing!

Then...hooray! I made a wild guess and went directly to a site I seem to gravitate towards, Epicurious. Yes, I'm still old school and typed that link out by hand, html tags included. Even so, there's STILL so much prepwork to get accomplished, even if the house is already almost completely cleaned, save for the bathroom off the dining room...WHICH...

We had put this bathroom out of service due to leakages, but since root had been cleared out of the main outlet leading from the house, all seems to be well now? We're gonna give it a test. My suspicion is the wax seals on both toilets have probably broken, and need fixing that way. The plumber who cleared out the roots says part of the sewer line leading from our house needs to be rerouted away from those roots. I don't know when we'll do that, probably before the twelve months he said this cleaning job would hold out ends.

But in the meantime:

  • Vacuum the truck and get it to the repair shop. While we're there, pay the bill from the last time as they never gave us an invoice.

  • Epoxy the figures that still need it. This is a holdover from the last time I was home.

  • Repair the bathroom light fixture that's gone out. Another holdover.

  • Get to BiMart and investigate large Thanksgiving tables. I seem to have commandeered the one we normally use for music projects.

In other news, I won another i5 desktop from Shopgoodwill. Thing of it is it's missing the side cover. I did fine a replacement...for $230, which is more than what I paid for it AND everything else I needed to get it going (new video card and hard drive). It's also missing the DVD drive, but I'll look for one of those at the local Goodwill, and if it's not there, no biggie. I usually use memory sticks now for installation of various OSes and such anyway. It makes the job go a LOT quicker.
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November 1st, 2018

10:31 pm - The Dual Boot Wonder
With tax season coming up, it's getting imperative that I have one laptop capable of running Windows(yuck), since Turbotax comes only in Winduhs/Mac flavors.

I did see the IRS now has fillable PDF tax forms, which I could do with any OS, but with running my own business and all that, I'm just lazy and will go with Turbotax again this year, which means I need a laptop running Windows since I travel round the country.

I've been pursuing several strategies, so far without success. I wanted to get really sneaky and install Winduhs on a removable USB drive, for a laptop whose default OS would be Ubuntu. Tried that, but nope. Winduhs dun like that. So I have a few remaining options.

  1. Try and cram both Windows and Ubuntu onto the same hard drive. Since the max capacity I've seen is 1tb for laptop drives...that makes me a little nervous as far as storage goes.

  2. Wait and buy a 512gb PCIe SSD drive which would go into the new i5, THEN migrate or install Winduhs clean onto that, leaving the 1tb drive free for Ubuntu. I wouldn't need much capacity for Winduhs to run, since I'm storing all relevant user data onto an external drive anyway. One drawback is the cheapest drive of this kind I've seen is $175, spendy for a laptop I got new for $449. The second drawback is the new laptop has NO removable panels to get at the hard drive, RAM, or anything! You have to unscrew the entire bottom panel, which also means taking off the two rubber strips used as feet to get at the screws underneath, and in the process most likely destroying them.

  3. On a lark, I took a peek into the Toshiba P875, and lo and behold, a bay for a 2nd hard drive! I can leave Ubuntu alone on the drive in there now, and install Winduhs onto the 2nd one. Now Winduhs' boot manager may blow out GRUB and leave me having to repair it to get a fully functioning dual boot system, but it's a small price to pay. I just need a hard drive caddy, which looks to cost about $20, and I have three unused laptop drives just sitting round, waiting to be used, so no cost to me there.

Obviously, I'm the most excited about Option 3. It's low cost and leaves Ubuntu fully in charge of a 1tb drive. I won't actually be able to install the 2nd drive till I get back for Thanksgiving as the caddy won't get to my house till after I leave back on the road, but I can wait. I've managed a good long time on Ubuntu alone, I can wait a few weeks longer, and tax time isn't for a couple more months anyway.
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