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December 11th, 2018

03:59 pm - In which our hero achieves the nerd award successfully create a network bridge in Ubuntu.
So yeah. On 12/5 Frontier came over and upgraded our internet service from 15/5M to...whatever it is now. Hang on. Huh. It hasn't been updated on their site yet. Ah well.

The upshot of this little bugaboo is that the internet router is physically located on the other side of the house. This room has(or had, more on that in a moment), two desktops with NO wifi capability. And I doubt I could run less than a 100ft CAT5 cable from one end of the house to the other. So what to do?

First attempt was to try and reconfigure the old router into a repeater, which after searching around and finally getting to log into its control panel, I found I had no option for. Boo! So it's now a fancy paperweight. In fact I have two of them now, though I could keep this one around in case the other one fails. In fact, I should log into it as well and change the network name and password. It's way too klunky to remember at all.

So...aha! I have this old C-Crane wifi antenna, which I plugged into a USB port on the print server. In fact, theonly remaining port. Oy. I knew Ubuntu would recognize it, since I used it that way before. Brought it up, and BAM! Recognized instantly and was able to log on to the wifi router. Good, so I got one desktop going. Now the other one. Which meant setting up the ethernet port as a bridge.

Ubuntu does have a way to do this under Editing connections. This is the order I did it in.

  1. Open edit connections by left clicking on the network icon, and clicking on Edit connections.

  2. Once that little window is up, click on the ethernet connection, and delete it. Here it's clicking on the minus sign in the lower left corner, and confirming that's what needs to be done.

  3. Right next to it, click the plus sign, which is to add a new connection.

  4. From the pop up window, select Bridge then click create.

  5. When editing the bridge comes up, Click on ADD for bridged connections, then Ethernet for type.

  6. On the Device drop down list, select the ethernet interface to use. It will have both the name and MAC address listed. Click Save.

  7. select the IPV4 Settings tab, and select "Shared to other computers" for Method. This is an important detail that's NOT documented anywhere I saw. Again, click Save.

  8. Now it should be set up.

So that was fun. Now it's back to getting that media box ready to go. I have a DVD drive and a wireless card ready for it, but haven't installed them yet. That's the next step.

In other news, there's still plenty else to do.

  • Work on this year's Xmas card. That's tomorrow.

  • Close out November.

  • Finish epoxying Isis back together. All she needs are the small pieces I found. That will mean the end of ALL epoxying till something else gets broken.

  • Updating, installing, yadda yadda yadda.

  • Finish up laundry for truck.

  • Pack truck, yadda yadda yadda

I'm hoping to be back on the road by this weekend, with the kitties in the truck this time.
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November 21st, 2018

12:26 pm - Short and Sweet
Welcome back gelasia!
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12:22 pm - Thanksgiving Prep
This activity always seems like a fight to the finish with me. I'm busy looking up a chocolate espresso cheesecake recipe, and of course the one I always used isn't showing!

Then...hooray! I made a wild guess and went directly to a site I seem to gravitate towards, Epicurious. Yes, I'm still old school and typed that link out by hand, html tags included. Even so, there's STILL so much prepwork to get accomplished, even if the house is already almost completely cleaned, save for the bathroom off the dining room...WHICH...

We had put this bathroom out of service due to leakages, but since root had been cleared out of the main outlet leading from the house, all seems to be well now? We're gonna give it a test. My suspicion is the wax seals on both toilets have probably broken, and need fixing that way. The plumber who cleared out the roots says part of the sewer line leading from our house needs to be rerouted away from those roots. I don't know when we'll do that, probably before the twelve months he said this cleaning job would hold out ends.

But in the meantime:

  • Vacuum the truck and get it to the repair shop. While we're there, pay the bill from the last time as they never gave us an invoice.

  • Epoxy the figures that still need it. This is a holdover from the last time I was home.

  • Repair the bathroom light fixture that's gone out. Another holdover.

  • Get to BiMart and investigate large Thanksgiving tables. I seem to have commandeered the one we normally use for music projects.

In other news, I won another i5 desktop from Shopgoodwill. Thing of it is it's missing the side cover. I did fine a replacement...for $230, which is more than what I paid for it AND everything else I needed to get it going (new video card and hard drive). It's also missing the DVD drive, but I'll look for one of those at the local Goodwill, and if it's not there, no biggie. I usually use memory sticks now for installation of various OSes and such anyway. It makes the job go a LOT quicker.
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November 1st, 2018

10:31 pm - The Dual Boot Wonder
With tax season coming up, it's getting imperative that I have one laptop capable of running Windows(yuck), since Turbotax comes only in Winduhs/Mac flavors.

I did see the IRS now has fillable PDF tax forms, which I could do with any OS, but with running my own business and all that, I'm just lazy and will go with Turbotax again this year, which means I need a laptop running Windows since I travel round the country.

I've been pursuing several strategies, so far without success. I wanted to get really sneaky and install Winduhs on a removable USB drive, for a laptop whose default OS would be Ubuntu. Tried that, but nope. Winduhs dun like that. So I have a few remaining options.

  1. Try and cram both Windows and Ubuntu onto the same hard drive. Since the max capacity I've seen is 1tb for laptop drives...that makes me a little nervous as far as storage goes.

  2. Wait and buy a 512gb PCIe SSD drive which would go into the new i5, THEN migrate or install Winduhs clean onto that, leaving the 1tb drive free for Ubuntu. I wouldn't need much capacity for Winduhs to run, since I'm storing all relevant user data onto an external drive anyway. One drawback is the cheapest drive of this kind I've seen is $175, spendy for a laptop I got new for $449. The second drawback is the new laptop has NO removable panels to get at the hard drive, RAM, or anything! You have to unscrew the entire bottom panel, which also means taking off the two rubber strips used as feet to get at the screws underneath, and in the process most likely destroying them.

  3. On a lark, I took a peek into the Toshiba P875, and lo and behold, a bay for a 2nd hard drive! I can leave Ubuntu alone on the drive in there now, and install Winduhs onto the 2nd one. Now Winduhs' boot manager may blow out GRUB and leave me having to repair it to get a fully functioning dual boot system, but it's a small price to pay. I just need a hard drive caddy, which looks to cost about $20, and I have three unused laptop drives just sitting round, waiting to be used, so no cost to me there.

Obviously, I'm the most excited about Option 3. It's low cost and leaves Ubuntu fully in charge of a 1tb drive. I won't actually be able to install the 2nd drive till I get back for Thanksgiving as the caddy won't get to my house till after I leave back on the road, but I can wait. I've managed a good long time on Ubuntu alone, I can wait a few weeks longer, and tax time isn't for a couple more months anyway.
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October 28th, 2018

07:42 pm - In which our hero is forced into a physical and spiritual cleansing.
So. We got back from being on the road Friday afternoon.

To a burglarized house!

Seems that what was mainly taken was my mate's jewelry, and several small stashes of coins for various purposes.

They took the board that had the fifty state quarters we had started all the way back in 1999. Can you believe that? A whole $12.50. The small stash of bicentennial quarters(1976), and a two dollar bill, gone. Even the coins we were saving up to buy a Djehuty(Thoth) statue, gone. A bit of irony is involved in that one, but I'll tell you later.

What's kinda odd is that the twelve small fairy statuettes I had representing the twelve signs of the zodiac had been moved. They took a peek at the mixing board underneath the case they had been sitting on, but the board's still there, and all twelve fairies are still intact. Not even a paintchip far as I can tell. I'm just glad I kept my personal fund in the truck, because that had more cash than all the cash that was taken combined.

So of course as soon as we discovered this we contacted McMinnville's finest, who dispatched an officer to our door. So now what we need to do is tally up a list of what was stolen, and if we can add any photographs or other evidence we can dig up of ownership. They took a silverware set, which is also kind of amusing because it was stainless steel, and not worth much.

I think what pisses me off the most is we also lost a honking huge amber necklace she bought back around 2005 for $800. Oddly, we lost no music equipment. All instruments, cords, amps, PA's and everything else is still here. Nice that way.

So...the cleanup. I took most of today to clear out the computer room. I find it funny they had packed up the three laptops slated for Freegeek, none of which work and then left them there. I recycled a fuckton of paper. I think our can out on the side holds about 45 gallons or so, and it's almost filled now. So many boxes, old bills, old statements and everything to go. Poof. Some stuff of course will go to shredding, since the info upon it is still relevant and sensitive. But that was only a small cardboard box full. The room still needs to be smudged, but after that I'm done.
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October 6th, 2018

06:14 pm - And the Grand Finale, Day Ten.
For this, I wound up drawing two cards actually, and I'll explain why later on.

The first card I drew was the Nine of Bats(swords). This card is drawn again similar to the Rider-Waite version, where there's a female figure sitting up in bed, her face covered by her hands. She may be weeping into them. But in this deck the cat seems to be sitting on her lap, one paw raised as if to comfort, while nine bats fly around the room above her.

Some liken this card to the Sephiroth of Binah, where the concept of structure is introduced, as one of the symbols of Binah is a woman sitting on a throne with her face in her hands and weeping, as she knows the consequences.

One could go with the obvious and say this is a card of sorrow and of reflection, where it becomes plain the mistakes one made in life, as well as the alternative outcomes of "what if I did X instead". But you can't really go back and 'fix' the past, or can you? In a way, The entity Seth says you can, that the past isn't really as fixed as we would lead ourselves to believe, and we don't always remember the best or most relevant bits, and other bits come into focus based on our moods.

Then again, having nine bats flying around in your room would make most unhappy, wouldn't it?

So. I didn't really want to finish all this card drawing on a note like that, and so I drew one more, and got The Emperor. That looked like a good one to finish it up! It's Frankenstein's Monster sitting on the throne with the symbol of Jupiter carved into it, with the ankh-like scepter and all a brain sitting in a flask and all.

The Emperor is a card of taking what you've gotten and weeding through it, removing what doesn't work, pruning away so that the fecundity of the Empress before him can grow with purpose and direction. Of course, there's also the danger of the subject devolving into egomania, which leads to the next Major Arcana card, the Hierophant, who gives the spiritual impetus for the pruning work.
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October 5th, 2018

02:17 pm - Day Nine
And on this day, another major trump was born. I drew The Hanged Man. This one is drawn quite similar to the Rider-Waite version, with the main figure suspended by a rope tied round one ankle, leaving him to dangle upside down. However here the figure is a scarecrow, which is fitting.

In either case, It speaks of delays, perhaps long ones, but not of a nervous or anxious nature. Sometimes delays are even necessary in the bigger process of things.
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October 4th, 2018

03:26 pm - Day Eight
And now for something completely different. For today I drew the ten of Bats(swords). This depicts a prone and likely sleeping redheaded woman with ten bats hovering above her. This is somewhat of a departure from the Rider-Waite deck. In that one, a face down figure is pierced by the ten swords. Since bats don't really pierce that I know of, they had to come up with something different.

What's interesting to note is that the suit of swords typically refers to thought processes or mental conditions. But in the Halloween deck, one is tempted to say the woman has gone beyond mere ordinary thought, with sleep considered an altered state, or perhaps she's in a trance of some kind.

I would say here it depicts a mental breakthrough, and achievement of a higher state of mind if you will.
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October 3rd, 2018

12:31 pm - Day Seven
Well this is interesting! For today I once again drew the Lovers. So that's two cards that have shown up twice now. I don't think there's enough days left for them all to show up twice though.

And in other news, it seems the wind tunnel through WY is picking up again for the season. We're stopped in Cheyenne with a light trailer due to high winds across the plateau between Cheyenne and Laramie. If we could get to Laramie, US287W would get us around and the wind speeds there seem manageable.

It also looks like we'll be staying on this dedicated account till near the end of this month at least. The other account seems to have freight only one way, from Atlanta to Kent, WA. So we'd have to find our own way back. Now if we had that part figured out already, no problem. But we don't, and we have a feeling for all the trouble of setting it up it'd be a wash at the end of it all. So...yeah.

And now our APU is acting up once more. It's probably that connection that's come loose again. Oy.
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October 2nd, 2018

03:11 pm - And three codes for three things to give up.
In order, sugar, dairy, and gluten. I drew one card for each, again the Halloween Tarot.

Sugar. The King of Pumpkins(pentacles). That's a pretty strong card saying to strongly consider it.

Dairy. The Moon(XVIII)! Of the three, this seemed the strongest, and so initial efforts should focus on that. More on this later.

Gluten. The Eight of Ghosts(cups). Funny how this card keeps coming up. Though of the three it seems the weakest. I might have to concentrate on that last.

I've always suspected I have at least a dairy intolerance, as cheap yogurt makes my throat swell up and feel like I'm catching a cold. Higher quality yogurt doesn't, but...as they say I should try going without for thirty days, reintroduce and try to note any effects.
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02:25 pm - Day Six, the pace picks up.
Indeed it has. For today I drew Judgement.

The main figure of this card is a somewhat Nosferatu-like vampire, summoning a man, woman, and child up from their graves. Upon two of the gravestones are written "Awaken Sleeper" and "Rise".

I vaguely remembered writing a poem about this card, as Judgement is on the living as well as the dead. As in what you do in life affects your afterlife. I mean, I can already feel this thing is affecting my own life in ways I can even measure yet, and may not until it's done and performed.
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October 1st, 2018

02:19 pm - Two for one, and it gets better!
I did draw a card yesterday, though I did not have the chance to post about it.

Yesterday I drew The Lovers. Now in the Halloween Tarot this card, in fact this whole deck can be on the whimsical side. But here the card depicts a woman sitting up in her bed, reading through what look like love letters. However Dracula, or at least some vampire is shown coming in through the window. She sees him, and her expression seems...simply calm. She seems neither happy nor afraid to see him, maybe even slightly annoyed, as if he were interrupting. Perhaps there is some sort of attraction between them, though he seems to show it more. It might even allude to one of those forbidden loves, socially frowned upon.

Hmmmm, as I typed this, Nebt-Het popped into my mind. She too is quite attractive, even with the knowledge that such an attraction will lead you to your doom. Still, she is a beloved of mine.

And today's card, The Magician! So that makes two major trumps in a row as well. The magician in this deck looks somewhat like Gomez Addams, though dressed more in stage magician's garb of coat and tails, vest and such. He's pulling a white rabbit out of a hat with the symbols of the four minor suits (bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and imps) staged around him. It talks about being able to use the powers of all the suits to one's own advantage towards their goal.

So today also marks the halfway point. Five cards drawn, five to go.
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September 29th, 2018

05:04 pm - Card drawing day three
Okay, it wasn't the Eight of Ghosts this time. For day three, I drew the Ace of Pumpkins(pentacles).

So, new beginnings in the physical realm? This certainly makes sense, as I'm still gathering my thoughts and notes on this ritual.
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September 28th, 2018

01:43 pm - Card drawing day two, and further musings about this Samhain ritual I'm writing.
Well how about that. On day two, I once again drew the Eight of Ghosts(cups). See yesterday's entry for meanings and all about that.

As far as writing the actual ritual goes, I do have ideas about certain parts of it at least.

The setting

I might have stated this before, but it's taking place in an unused horse stable. There's a smaller part off to one side. Cover the open parts with black cloth, and there's your psychomantium to contact one's ancestors.

White cloth hangs down over one side, which performs the dual role of dividing off a smaller backstage area if you will from the main arena, as well as providing a projector screen. The main area itself will have straw covering the ground, and a few heaters at strategic spots if one gets too chilled, since after all late October in western Oregon is chilly and damp. Then again, it seems like Samhain should take place in the damp chill. Tombstones with flat tops will occupy some of the floorspace, placed in neat rows. The flat tops will be explained later. At the back are some refreshments and other items that might be needed if I see that's necessary.

Now articles for participants to bring.

  • Appropriate ritual attire.

  • lawn or other outdoor chairs for sitting.

  • Pictures and other memorabilia of the participant's family and friends. This will be placed upon the tombstones if possible, or if too large at the base of them.

Ritual actors and officers

  • The main guide, dressed as a raven.

  • East officer, dressed as a bat.

  • South officer, dressed as an imp. If she's tall, curvy, and a redhead to go with that red catsuit and makeup, all the better.

  • West officer, dressed as a ghost.

  • North officer, either dressed as a pumpkin or carrying one.

  • So far, I have an intro and the calling of the quarters in mind. There were other actors, and a soundtrack that I may or may not include.

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September 27th, 2018

03:22 pm - It Has Begun!
As stated in my previous post, my instructions in writing this Samhain ritual for 2019 were to draw one card from the Halloween Tarot per day for ten days. Today is day one.

I drew the Eight of Ghosts(cups). Four ghosts in the foreground seem to be consoling a fifth, while the other three watch a figure walking away. Even the moon looks somber in this card.

It is a card of painful parting of the ways. How appropriate.
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September 12th, 2018

11:35 pm - Write?
I'm also feeling a bit of the writing bug hitting me once more, but I don't know. Past efforts were met with so much silence that it makes me shrug and wonder why I bother.
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11:32 pm - One Dream
And one dream involving a tornado headed directly for the dwelling I inhabited at the time. Somehow I came out unscathed, though I can't quite remember if the house did as well or what.
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11:28 pm - My Dear Lordy
Cut for length, strong language.Collapse )
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July 2nd, 2018

12:06 pm - I did find a way.
Oh, and here's the latest Opera update. It WILL sync thumbnails, but what you have to do is...

  1. Login to sync.opera.com Do this from a comp that already has everything the way you want, bookmarks, thumbnails, and all.

  2. Hit the button that says "Reset Sync Data"

  3. It will tell you what that does, and ask you to confirm. Hit "yes, reset sync data"

  4. It will log out all the other machines, and take that one as the master.

  5. Even though I didn't do it, it's probably a good idea before logging in on a machine you want synced to simply erase all the bookmarks before logging back in, though you may want to back them up, juuust in case everything gets blown out everywhere. Oy.

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11:57 am - First of many - Antimatter
Okay, I've been away from this blog too long once again, and it's finally time to catch up on some things that have been on my mind and what I've been up to. I'll try to chop it all up into separate posts for easier digestion, or indigestion as the case may be.

Antimatter's been an item on my mind more than it should be recently. We all know that antimatter has the opposite charge and spin of matter, antiprotons, positrons, and antineutrons(Yes, these are a thing). But what about all the other properties? We seem to assume they're all the same. What if that's false?

For instance, perhaps the values of the strong and weak force are switched in antimatter, just like spin and charge are. This would explain the lack of atoms or molecules composed purely of antimatter. The 'weak' force would burst them apart as soon as they formed.

And what of electromagnetism and gravity? Would those values be switched as well? This I kind of doubt since I'm fairly certain the charge values for particles and antiparticles are the same. So, who knows. Mostly just speculation at this point.

Though while I'm here, I've also puzzled about the relationship between electromagnetism and gravity. It's pretty common knowledge that electromagnetism works primarily as a force of attraction between two masses. However when both bodies have the same amount and polarity of charge, it acts as a force of repulsion.

If gravity really is the true opposite of electromagnetism, what are the conditions under which it too acts as a force of repulsion?
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May 9th, 2018

09:52 pm - Ow, jeez, and OMFG
So, last Saturday we got home. Yay. And on the way in we took the truck to the Aurora, OR TA to get our Landstar 120 day inspection. It passed no problem there. A bigger yay. However when I got out into the bay to sign paperwork, my foot slipped on some oil coated cement. My right foot slid left, and down I went. OW. Nothing seriously damaged. My right knee took a scrape, and I think I landed just under my right armpit, because the musculature there is still sore, though not as sore as at first. My right middle finger also felt a little off, as if a tendon had been pulled slightly, which it probably had.

Now that it's home, we still need to get it to the mechanic for an oil change and some other work like replacing the tie rod ends. It's always something, and the blower's still not working correctly. Later on, we'll head down to Salem to get the drive tires replaced. They're still legal, but not by much any more, and it's been over two years. We'd like to upgrade this time to Michelin Energy XDA or something like that? Something with a stiffer sidewall which will extend the life of the tire further still.

In computer land, it looks like the Toshiba 775 will be out of the shop tomorrow. What? It still wasn't ready when I checked yesterday. There seems to be some kind of issue with the touchpad, but I'm thinking this may be a software rather than a hardware issue. I may have to go down there with a live filesystem version of Ubuntu, just to see for sure.

Now for upcoming events. This Saturday is the adult prom in town. And yes, we're going! I may or may not be brave enough to show you what I look like in a white dinner jacket, white pants, green vest and bowtie, black shoes, and a black hat. But that's what I bought when I was last in Portland. The mate has a green sequin dress I bought for her years ago, and she still looks OMFG in it.

Then after this it's on a plane, and for the first time since my honeymoon I'll be outside the U.S.. I'll be down in Honduras for a week, most likely laying a bit low, or at least trying not to make too many waves. My spanish is still terrible, at least what I can speak. I'm one of those who can understand it more than I can speak it.

Then it'll be time to pack up and get back on the road once more. Oy. There's a bit more coming, maybe. I dunno yet.
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April 17th, 2018

02:49 pm - Also Aha.
One thing that's peeved me about Opera is that when you sync bookmarks, it won't sync the thumbnail images along with them, so you wind up with a bunch of blank bookmarks. And unless you wrote in something descriptive you'll remember, no way of know what the heck the bookmark refers to.

But I have found a method to at least get thumbnails now.

  1. Open a link with no bookmark.

  2. There's a red heart in the upper right corner, indicating the page has been bookmarked. Single click on it, as if to edit.

  3. Opera will automatically generate a thumbnail.

It's a clunky method, since you have to go through one thumbnail at a time, and if you have a buttload of bookmarks, heaven help you. Though if you can catch up one instance of your browser, you can overwrite the bookmarkextras file in the other machines, and it'll update the thumbnails too. Or if you're me, add that file to the sync list in Unison.
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01:00 pm - This is good news.
The federal and state returns came back. So now I can proceed with stage 2 of the next switcheroo once I get home.

Tired though. So very tired, and tired of snow. Yes it snowed through Wyoming and Nebraska last time we were through there. Had to wait for it to stop. So now we're on our way back through, and this time it's high winds this evening slowing us down, or stopping us entirely for a few hours.
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April 9th, 2018

01:54 pm - As you can see
We're back on the road now, and have been for a few days. Not really much to report, other than we've picked up two loads, and delivered one, meaning we're no in transit.

So what's on the burner for this afternoon.

  • Update Fuel Gauges and Profit Gauges with the lastest fuelings and receipts.

  • Update pickup arrival and departure times on the Landstar Portal.

  • Pay estimated federal and state taxes.

  • Update all checkbooks.

  • Get to Rosetta stone and start learning spanish for the upcoming Honduras trip.

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01:50 pm - So I did get everything on that list done.
Yup. It's all done, or mostly anyway. The computer work is not quite halfway there. This is what's left to do.

  1. Remove the drive from the A6. It's the only good part of that thing.

  2. Swap out the current drive in the P875 with the one from the A6.

  3. Take THAT drive and install it into the tiny little HP.

  4. Install both Win7 and Ubuntu(dual boot) onto the P875. Configure everything.

  5. Install that piece of spyware masquerading as an OS known as Win10 onto the HP. As before, configure.

  6. Remove the drive from the Lenovo.

  7. Recycle both the A6 and the Lenovo.

So, and the latest naming convention, along with static local IP addresses. These are all written into the HOSTS file on every machine. As the network is designated non-routable, there's no way to see these from outside, unless you hook into my LAN somewhere, and good luck with that. sutekh nebthet sekhmet iset khepri sesheta bes

The last two entries will have no specific node associated with them. They're simply reserved for future use.
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March 29th, 2018

11:50 am - And now, something every one of you out there should read.
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11:47 am - It's Been Three Weeks
That's the time since the last update. Well, what's happened in that time.

The major event that's been affecting me is both my mate and I came down with the flu right about the time we got home, on 3/16. It think my first bad day was the Tuesday before, 3/13. The first round(yes) affected mostly my lungs, as I was bloody coughing my head off for about a week and a half.

It got better, then morphed into the second round(oh no!) where it turned into an intestinal flu. The worst of it thankfully only lasted a day, and from there the digestive system felt delicate with the occasional cramp, mostly when I bent at the waist. Today seems the first day where I can reasonably assert that I believe I'm finally over the bloody thing.

Now before we got home I tried to send in an oil sample for testing to see if we needed to change the oil, and if so, whether to use conventional or go back to synthetic. Found out when we got home the first sample had been destroyed in transit. Oh lovely. So it's semi-panic time to go out to the truck which we had already turned into the shop by this time and take a second one. That got sent off, came back in a reasonable time and...WHAT???? The fuel dilution in the oil had spiked markedly to a dangerous level, which left us both scratching our heads.

If an injector was leaking, we would have noticed things like missing or generally running rough or sluggish. The truck was doing none of that. So, while the truck's in the shop, our mechanic gods bless him sent over the injectors for testing to a shop that specializes in such things. Five of the injectors had issues, but leakage wasn't one of them. So that's an even bigger WTF? since the injectors were replaced during the inframe last July/August. So perhaps a bad fitting or leakage at the top? Who knows. We're gonna take another sample around 7000 miles later and see if the work done will fix it.

And while we're at it, somewhere along the way the driver's side windshield picked up a star pattern chip, which is unrepairable. We have an appointment set up for Monday to replace that, which isn't that terrible an expense. Just gotta remember to pay in cash.

Now as far as other events, not much to report because most of that time's been spent in the house feeling ill. We both walked out of the house yesterday for a couple of errands, the over to Hotel Oregon for drinks and dinner. My stomach felt strong enough to handle a couple of beers, and proved that the feeling was correct by keeping everything down. So yay!

Oh yes! What was one of those errands? Getting passport photos taken. Now why would this dragon need a passport?

Because THIS dragon will be flying down to Honduras this May! It's only a week long visit but hey! First time I've been out of the country in over a decade when the mate and I wandered through Mexico, from Matamoros at the border down to Acapulco and back. We won't be venturing so far and wide this time, but it should still be fun.

And what else. Oh yes. Did our two year DOT physicals, and got them off to the appropriate parties.

Now what's left. Let's see still to do.

  • Close out the books for January, and February, just in time for March to end.

  • Send off estimated taxes.

  • Actually like, apply for said passports

  • Replace a screw anchor and a thermostat in the back music room

  • Pack the truck and all necessary preperations

  • For now at least install Ubuntu on the new(to me) P875. There's other work to do, but it's gonna have to wait till our tax refunds come back. Not that I need the money for it, but it'll involve the laptop I used to file them.

  • Maybe visit the coast for an afternoon or evening.

  • A few other things I'm not mentioning here. Pfffft!

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March 8th, 2018

01:15 pm - The great laptop shuffle continues.
Okayyyy. I am now the owner of a Toshiba P875 laptop, the successor to the P775 that has the wonky video. I'm still hoping to get that one fixed, but this new one I think will replace two others.

  1. The Lenovo G770 with a broken top plate, which means one hinge isn't screwed down and flops around.

  2. The slow as shit Toshiba A6. Slower than my old P205 duo core!

    1. I'm considering hanging on to the lil' HP as a last ditch backup as it's so small.

      Now for the bigger questions. What OS to install. The P775 I'll leave alone, running nothing but Ubuntu.

      For this new P875, it'll upgrade from the Lenovo, and dual boot to Ubuntu or Win7.

      If I get rid of the A6, that means I'll have to infect(!) the HP with a copy of Win10, and treat it as such, meaning as little data as possible put on there.

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March 4th, 2018

05:45 pm - And Argh.
Well, the Toshiba's screen is just out now. So it's time to get it repaired, and step up the search for the backup. This HP works okay, but such a small screen. The Lenovo I could repair since I know one screwhole on the top is crunched, so that's why that hinge is loose inside. But...try finding it now. Ugh.
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05:40 pm - Now I know.
So after all this time, I found the proper name of a beetle that I've unofficially dubbed "Manbug". That's because they're shaped exactly the same as Ladybugs, except the colors on the carapace are reversed, black with two red spots instead of red with two or more red spots.

Turns out the proper name is "Twice Stabbed Ladybird Beetle" Chilocorus stigma

And like ladybugs, they're quite voracious hunters, only they feed on scale, rather than aphids.
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