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November 3rd, 2016

08:35 pm - Adventures in Tofu Turkey Making
So, today back on the road. And, as you might have guessed, tried my first recipe at making a Tofu Turkey, instead of buying a Tofurky. Can't do the latter any more due to gluten issues. First try...not so good. I think the recipe called for far too much oil, which while understandable to keep the tofu from drying out while baking just kinda left it swimming at the end.

Other thoughts. The recipe called for mashing up five pounds of tofu. By itself, it's probably okay, but if one were to add a little oil and some poultry seasoning to that mash, it'd already be infused. I also thought about cooking it in a smaller dish, like our dutch oven. That way it wouldn't spread as much and turn into a gigantic pancake. It might make it more difficult to remove though. Then again, the bottom layer of tofu turned into thin layer of crisp. The stuffing needed more of...something. The pan stuffing got better the next day, but the stuff in the tofu seemed like its flavor got all absorbed or something.

We'll keep trying.
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November 1st, 2016

03:51 pm - FASS Mount Follies
Okay, so Monday the box containing the FASS Mount arrived.

Or at least the box that once contained the box arrived. I opened the box and...no mount in there. Where did it go? Then I see there's a mount sized hole torn through the side of the box. Oh crud. Lost in transit. Well fanfuckingtastic!

So ASAP I'm back on the phone with FASS hollering about they better next day ANOTHER ONE to me, and then fill out a claim with UPS. It should be here tomorrow, it was sent out today. OYyyyyyyyyy...

Oh, also on the way home, the truck's ABS light came on. Whaaaa...? And they had just adjusted the brakes too, though there was some concern the slack adjustors may be going out, which wouldn't surprise me. Once I got the truck home, I tried turning the key off, then back on. The light still was there. Uh oh. So I start taking it back to the shop, and at the end of the block THEN the light goes off. Oyyyyyyyy... But at least it's ready to finish up tomorrow.
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October 28th, 2016

10:10 pm - So I was able to turn the corner!
Okay, so all that angst turned out to be overblown. I didn't need the filter base after all. Hofrichter's was able to make a house call (with our truck out of commission in our driveway). There's a tool called an EasyOut, which apparently was made for situations like this when a piece of a fitting gets stuck inside. He actually um, ground part of the tool off so it'd work. Lucky me! The inside threads were okay! So it was off to grab another fitting. I got a replacement, and reinstalled the fuel line. I changed the FASS filters, since they both had been crushed. Primed them, and started the truck to check for leaks. It usually takes a bit of cranking since even primed correctly there's still some air in the fuel lines to work out. But start it did. And no leaks either! I carefully turned the steering wheel to see if the air chamber would hit against the fuel/water separator. It didn't! So...good to go! Or at least good enough to get to the shop. The new mount will arrive Monday, and I can either have them install it, or do the job myself. We'll see. Fun.
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02:30 pm - Murphy wins again.
To my dismay, I find the mount for the FASS system won't be here until Monday, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I called up UPS seeing if there way ANY way to maybe pick it up somewhere Saturday? Nope. Pickups aren't open on the weekends. How convenient. FASS said they did ship it Wednesday, so why does UPS have it starting on Thursday? Gods only know, and I'm screwed that way.

AND to make matters worse, as I was rigging a temporary solution I thought would hold long enough to get to Hofrichters, I discover that the fitting to the rear fuel line sheared off INSIDE the main housing. So most likely the housing AND the fitting are kaput. The fitting's no big deal, I could probably find that at Lowe's. But the housing? Good luck. I'm calling the nearest FASS dealer I can find and see if they have it. And...

The only person who can answer that question is out till Monday.

Well, at least I got everything ELSE I wanted done. Tightened down two clamps, though I think one needs replacing. Topped off the coolant in the surge tank. Changed the OPS filter. Replaced all the defective loggers on the BrakeSafe system. So it wasn't a total loss. I suppose you could even say it was more a win than a loss, but still...this onnnne last piece. So very aggravating.
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October 25th, 2016

03:52 pm - Various Updateages
Which I haven't updated in what seems like ages. Well, there's two, make that three events to write about since the last update.

One. We're home again! And just barely made it due to the next item.

Two. Last night the truck started sputtering in the driveway and finally conked out. We were both completely WTF? as I got out...and heard the sounds of something leaking. Oh shit.

I opened the hood, and there sat the FASS system, with the mounting bracket snapped in half and the filters caught between the spring and the drag link, fuel running out of the tops. I managed to get it unwedged and since the pressure stopped, it stopped leaking as well. The lines and the motor look intact, so the unit itself is okay. I will have to replace the bracket and the filters though. Called up FASS this morning and ordered it second day air. So it's supposed to be here Friday. Lovely. One more thing I need to fix. But at least it looks easy. Just a bunch of mounting bolts to undo and put back and all will be well once more. THEN I change the filters, which I have to do periodically anyway.

Three. A few nights ago, I had a dream in which I was in a house along the ocean, with a wooden causeway leading over the water to...somewhere else. My wife and I started walking across it, though for some reason I decided to turn back. At that point, I noticed one of our cats Akeru by my side, and picked him up. Somehow he got loose and fell into the water. I immediately rushed down and picked him out before he drowned, then held onto his wet body as I brought him back to the house.

When I woke up that morning Akeru tried to nip my foot once, then for the rest of the time he became absolutely EXTRA affectionate, as if...somehow he knew? It was interesting...and a little freaky to think that another being really could pick up on my dreams that way.
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October 13th, 2016

02:44 pm - Okay, so this birthday really wasn't all that bad.
Which is a change for the better, all things considered. So I'm in the home stretch to be alive for a half century now. And it's the first one where all my grandparents are now in the hereafter. We're trying like crazy to schedule ourselves to get back home in time for Samhain this year. Seems...important.

And its funny. I had a dream this morning that involved a ninth fairy. Now after we got Cassandra, I did have an inkling that somebody(probably Winter) wanted a total of twelve now, one for each sign of the zodiac. But it's like we'll need more furniture to put them on! All the available flat space in the bedroom is taken. There's space in the computer room up on the file cabinet and some in front of the fireplace, but...jeez!

Well that and had a dream involving a neighbor and accidentally knocking a bag of her trash down a long flight of steps. Odd.
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October 6th, 2016

12:48 pm - One good thing about turning 49
It's the square of seven. 7 X 7 = 49 Yeah, high praise I know.
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September 17th, 2016

09:49 am - More Fun
Well, after we got the truck back from the shop, found that the passenger's side window wouldn't work any more. Before it had just been a stuck switch, but this time no matter how many times you tried to free things...still no go.

So...I bought a multimeter. Yeah, there's 12V going to the switch. At first, I wasn't reading any voltage going to the motor with a switch pressed. This led me to believe faulty wiring. But then I also tried feeding 12V to the motor directly, and nothing doing there either.

So, whether we had bad wiring or not, the motor still needed replacing. Ran down to McCoy Freightliner in Brooks to pick up a replacement. I didn't get back till after dark, and with rain forecast the next day, it'd be a bit of a crapshoot to see if I could get the door back together in time.

I woke around 8:15am today. Got outside and...uh oh. It's drizzling already. Fortunately not so much as to make truck work difficult or impossible. I got the motor installed. The window works now! So...yay. The rain started picking up as I was putting things back together, so I didn't finish it totally, but I got it back enough so things won't come apart either, and will keep the rain out. Yay, verily. I'm gonna try and run out between showers and keep working on it much as I can.

For this, I had to cancel a load we already booked. Right now, we put ourselves available Wednesday. We can probably go earlier, but...whew. Tired.
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September 13th, 2016

03:24 pm - So Far
So for today I've:

  1. Unplanned : Ripped off the ivy from one side of the outbuilding.

  2. Planned : Swept off the roof and trimmed overhanging branches.

Still for today:

  • Unplanned : Glue back the underside of the closet door together. It was kinda planned, but never got written down.

  • Order computer parts

  • At around 6pm pdt, get a haircut as one place runs a special today during that time.

  • Finish laundry. One load is done and folded, another dry in the dryer, and a third in the wash yet to be run.

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September 12th, 2016

02:50 pm - Way Way WAY Overdue for a post
Okay, so...the past two weeks. Obviously we got home okay on 8/30. Whew! Now why was that necessary? Well, my Dad's side of the family had a reunion out on the coast over the weekend. My uncle unfortunately had broken his leg a week before and couldn't make it. Yeah yeah, excuses excuses... %lt:=8P

We took off in the middle of all that Sunday, since we ALSO found out a friend of ours, well her sister was having a birthday/moving/divorce/all kinds of stuff party going on, and the mate decided to lead sing on a track the band was playing, which included our friend, in fact him AND his brother in the band. She sang The Beatles "In My Life" at a more ballad like tempo. After that, we stayed overnight back at our house before heading out to the coast to finish things up!

The mate went over for a spa day Monday. We were both biting our nails about the cost of such a thing, since financially things were (and still are) tight. Miracle! My sister picked up the tab for everyone. Whew! So the mate bought some product with what she DID have saved up.

Tuesday was get up way too early for offshore fishing! Hey, I signed up for it. Haven't done it in forevahhhhh. I did fairly well. Caught five sea bass. My sister caught the most of the family, seven I think, mostly bass and one fish I kept wanting to call a sculpin, but I forget the actual name of it now. Some had signed up for crab pots as well, and looking at it now I'm kind of glad I skipped that part. More than enough was caught, even without me! We still brought home twelve, that's how much was caught, even after sexing and throwing back the ones too small.

The ride home on Wednesday was quite pleasant, as we took Otter Crest Loop since we weren't in any kind of a rush that day. Stopped and picnicked in a park by the coast, with a lovely south facing view as we were on Cape Foulweather. Luckily it was sunny and a little cool, but one could still walk about with long sleeves.

Further up near Gleneden, we stopped at one of our favourite shops along the coast, Crystal Wizard. I popped in, hoping to find either a doubly terminated tabular quartz wand, or perhaps a sphere of some kind for the holder I epoxied back together. No go on both counts, but I did pick up the mate a sarong, which...neither of us are really sure how to tie correctly. We did kind of fake it with one knot over the shoulder, and using her black shaw as a belt to hold the loose sides together. That actually worked...rather well. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Next, we rested, then last Thursday a day jaunt up to Ffynnon for checking out a couple of old shrines dear to us, and see about what can be done with them. Welllllllll, things didn't go as planned there.

We got to the first shrine, the Nexus which I sort of founded truth be told. As the mate got closer to the main feature, a cedar tree growing out of the center of a group of vine maples, her foot sank into something soft. I was going to follow until she started crying out and I saw this SWARM of something right at my feet. Uh oh! Her foot went into a yellow jacket nest. Yikes!

We bolted it out of there, My mate, one of the caretakers, and I, but hardly unscathed. Her foot is still swollen from where she was stung multiple times, a few times on her thigh from where they flew up her jeans, and once behind the ear. I managed to get stung only once, behind my left thumb and the caretaker took one on the neck. Needless to say, that was the end of our hike as we made it back to the property next door, dubbed the Effing farm. The mate had to strip off her shoes and jeans to get those dang things to stop stinging. I brought her the boots she left in the van, and we...eventually made our way home. The swelling's mostly down now, though her foot still looks pretty bad. She should be able to drive by Friday though, which is when we're planning to head out again.

NOW, the ol' list of things I want to accomplish this week. Some I've already done, so yippee.


Get the stepladder out, replaced a bulb in the living room, and put away the birthday gift wrapping paper.

To do

  • Replace the front and the back water spigots as both leak.

  • Long as I'm plumbing, replace the fixture in the laundry room as the hot water tap has broken off.

  • Sweep off the roof where cedar tree duff has piled up. Clean the gutters where necessary

  • The driver's side front window on the Buick has stopped working. The motor seems fine, but something's either come loose or broken inside so the window's stuck down. Find out what if I can and fix it.

  • Keep all the computers up to date and synched.

  • Oh yes! Need to buy a new laptop case. The 'good' one has now broken its main zipper. Oy.

  • While I'm at it, order parts to repair the Toshiba L775, AND a mobile hot spot from Sprint that works under roaming conditions.

What? That's not enough?
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August 28th, 2016

03:32 pm - Only a couple more days.
Till we're home. Then it'll be time to work on the back deck, replacing boards. It should also have more runners underneath to reduce the spacing between. Shees. Oh this'll be fun I'm sure. Wheeee....
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August 26th, 2016

12:32 am - Oh Lovely
Here I am at my first stop, and...the docks are all occupied. Gods only know when they'll get to me.
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August 23rd, 2016

07:35 am - One more week.
So, sitting here in Kent, WA waiting for our turn to get the APU fixed. Seems it starts and runs for a little while, then shuts off. It's probably the alternator/generator thingy that charges the batteries. Everything else seems to work just fine, environmental controls and all that.

So once that's done, it's off to the grocery store, and we have one more week of running till we're home again. This has been by far the longest we've been out as owner/operators, and we're both kind of shot at this point. And still so much left to do it seems. Bah. Though the good news is there's plenty of operating capital in the business account, so once the APU is fixed I'm going online and ordering a crankshaft damper and balancer, because both of those desperately need replacing as well. It's way past time and the excess vibration caused from both of those being worn out is probably what's causing clamps to break, and certain screws to come loose and fall out.

We've started using a shop just outside our hometown, and this looks like it'd be a good job for them. Both are pretty simple to replace. Mostly just turning wrenches and swapping out old for new.
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August 15th, 2016

12:52 pm - Well that was fun.
I got to drag the truck and trailer through the city streets of Hoboken, NJ today. No, they were built well before the advent of 53ft trailers, and yes some of those turns were made by the skin of the teeth, with mere inches to spare. Came within a hair's breadth of knocking over a telephone pole. But...we did make it out without incident. Guess that was my pennance because for the first time EVER, I picked up the wrong trailer. *facepalm* So I delivered this one, and let me tell ya, never again. Egad!
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August 12th, 2016

04:12 pm - Just as a note to self
Remember to prime the fuel filter when you change it out.
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August 9th, 2016

02:48 pm - Already disgusted.
I may just not cast a vote for president this year. I find both Hillary and Trump repulsive, and even the third party candidates fail to do much for me. This is already shaping up to be one of the most if not THEE most negative campaign seasons EVER, appealing to nothing but voters' fears.
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August 2nd, 2016

12:08 pm - Third Iteration
I've reworked that earlier prayer/meditation, bringing the statements into the present tense. Because the present really is all there is. Putting it in the past or future basically puts it out of reach. So...therefore.

(visualizing white light illuminating and filling the 7th chakra, expanding it in all directions, as far as can be visualized)
My spirit is filled with the light of the divine.
(It travels downward, opening and illuminating the 6th chakra. This repeats for every chakra encountered.)
My mind is filled with the thoughts of the divine.
(To the 5th.)
My voice speaks only the words of the divine.
(4th)My hearts is filled with the love of the divine.
(3rd)My will is that of the divine.
(2nd)I create as the divine.
(1st)I am the divine, manifested on Earth.

There's more, but that's all the time I have to post this, so I'll do that now, and give the rest later.
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July 30th, 2016

03:08 pm - Chair Repair
Urgh. An air hose kept coming off the fitting on the chair, which affects the height of the seat. So once off, the seat would sink to the floor. I wound up cutting off a small length of that hose and shoving it back on. Stupid plastic. We need to replace this seat anyway.
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July 24th, 2016

08:57 pm - Ye Blargh.
I hate it that all these ideas for a post pop into my head while I'm driving, then when I can actually sit down and get them OUT, they've all either vanished, or the motivation's just not there. Or at least a new shot at poetry. Though some muzak might help with that.
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July 18th, 2016

11:18 am - Prayer Reworking
A few more lines added mostly. I reworked it to include a line for all seven major chakras. This is what came to me.

(7th) May I connect to the infinite divine.
(6th) May my mind hold only the thoughts of the divine.
(5th) May I speak only the words of the divine.
(4th) May my heart be filled with the love of the divine.
(3rd) May my will be that of the divine.
(2nd) May I create with the infinite divine.
(1st) May I be the infinite divine.
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July 16th, 2016

01:25 pm - Short Prayer
I'm still fiddling with the wording, but the working text goes...

May my heart be the bed on which Divinity(or whatever name you choose) rests.
May my body be the house in which Divinity lives.
May my mind be the temple in which Divinity shines.
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July 14th, 2016

04:52 pm - Now on to truck business.
July has sucked for truck expenses. It's already our third most expensive month for those, and it's not quite half over. Now granted, we're getting ready to go back on the road and make up for those expenses and then some. Hell, we're planning to go out for at least five weeks straight, because we need dat monay!

Here's the basic rundown of everything we did to the truck so far this month.

  • Replaced three of four drive axle spring bushings. One was bad, and the other two, well could they be far behind?

  • Yes, I got the new fog light enclosures installed today. They look mahvelous! Just like Fernando...

  • Had the oil changed, and I think I know where we can go locally to get bigger than 1 gallon jugs. Oy, but then it only took eight gallons, and we bought eleven.

  • The front differential was leaking, so had that sealed back up.

  • Rotated the drive and steer tires.

  • Had another MD alignment, since the one bad bushing probably threw things off.

  • Some broken clamps on some coolant hoses were discovered, so they got replaced as well, and the system refilled and pressure tested.

  • Took an oil sample before the change. Still waiting on the results though.

I think that's it. As if that wasn't enough?
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July 5th, 2016

09:54 pm - Since then.
We're home now. We went out to the Portland Blues Festival Sunday, and left the kitties at home. It was only for a day and a half really. When we got back, once again...Where's Akeru? We call for him, and can hear the cry back, but from where? Dear gods, he was outside, and at the front door! It's after that I discover a screen had popped off from the laundry room, allowing an exit. Still, we promptly closed all the windows, and decide that one he got out should remain closed. We don't think he can reach any of the others we opened. Whether he pushed the screen out or it popped out on its own doesn't matter. We really can't have him just wandering around out there with feral cats abounding, as well as the neighbourhood raccoon that would probably tear him up if they met. But, no real harm seems to have happened. He doesn't even appear to have picked up fleas.

And speaking of the Portland Blues Festival, what a dandy time! We only got out Sunday, but that was enough. The mate even got to see one of her idols, Dr. John play, of "Right place, Wrong Time" fame. It was quite the Louisiana Voodoun kind of show. The guy could barely walk, but his voice and key playing still rung out through the amps. Man.

Next day we came home, for the return of fireworks to our hometown! It was billed as 303 fuses, and over 1000 shells, and looked it! I don't think it was quite as extensive as Portland, but for a town of 35,000...wow! It was an added bonus that off in the distance we both saw TWO other towns doing their own displays. So it was almost like those 4ths where we drove the truck, and I got to see fireworks going off almost the entire way till dawn. I especially remember that through US151 heading southwest through Wisconsin.

Today has been MOSTLY sit back and rest, but we did take the phone into Staples since the screen(we thought), had developed a crack across. Only it was revealed it wasn't the screen, it was the screen protector! Talk about a relief! So that's only a $15 replacement, as opposed to $179 for the screen itself. Yay! While I was there, I also put in an order for a USB hard drive enclosure, the next piece of hardware I wanted to pick up. Not too expensive either. Though after this, it's time to save up for another case. One's totally worn out, and the zipper on the main one is starting to wear as well. So yes, a replacement is right in order.
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June 29th, 2016

01:10 pm - Big Scare Last Night.
As I was getting up, I noticed the passenger's side truck seemed loud. I checked the window, and found it was open. Especially after swatting a couple of mosquitoes. Then it seemed strange I hadn't seen Akeru. I looked around for that cat in the truck. He wasn't there. Uh oh. He either jumped or fell out of the open window.

With about 15 minutes left before we had to leave, I went outside to look. It's a big lot, and he could be anywhere. Fortunately as soon as I called his name I heard "rowr" come from the truck on our left side, a scared sounding "rowr". It took a bit of searching, but he'd found a spot on top of the truck frame between it and the bottom of the trailer next to us. Whew. Thank gods that was a short search. Even got to the pick up on time! He's back with us now, and this load is taking us home. So yay.
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June 25th, 2016

07:23 pm - Guess I should say something about this.
Today was the mate's birthday, and to celebrate, we're over here in Memphis, TN. So what' Memphis famous for? Well being the birthplace of Rock and Roll, it's biggest monument? That's right! Graceland! So went to tour the grounds and some other exhibits like Elvis Presley's car collection and the two jet planes he owned. This might have been best taken in small doses, rather than try to get it all in at once, because overload set in. Stuff like the archives I might have appreciated more had I not already gone through all the other exhibits first.

I tried to leave a comment at the end since we got an iPad to help us guide our tour, but unfortunately it got cut off and all I managed to get in was "He gave all". Which is true.

The grounds itself does pretty much come off as a snapshot of his career at least from beginning to its unfortunate end. This particular revelation came to me viewing his gravesite, since Elvis and his parents are all buried on the grounds. "He gave all, and at the end simply had nothing left to give. So it was time to go." Now to turn that towards myself, since I've outlived the King by six years now(He was 42 at his death), the reason I'm still hanging around is because I still have something left to give. So have it. Here.
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June 18th, 2016

02:24 pm - And
The new dipstick tube is installed. It also means the dipstick itself seems to come out and go in much easier now. So yay! We think that new shop is good for most basic repairs such as what we brought it in for, but if it's gonna get involved like a head gasket or in-frame or some such, then we should probably go elsewhere. We were thinking of Pittsburgh Power for an in-frame anyway, which if we're on target, should happen in about two years.

And oh yes, back on the road again, though we still haven't gotten new fog light housings yet. I don't think they'd be THAT much. It's just a matter of tracking them down and having the money. Right?
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June 16th, 2016

09:02 pm - APU is fixed.
Turns out it was a broken fuse fixture. Wish I had known! That would have been an easy fix. But...the six month service is also done. So I suppose next time we're home, it'll be time to turn the heater up to max and run it for an hour to blow out any built up soot or whatever gunk gets in there.

But yeah. Truck was a pain to run without it. It just shows how dependant we've become on that little bugger of a silver and black box on the passenger's side.

Also, since we've found a much more local truck shop, we're gonna put 'em to a slight test and have them install the dipstick tube. We've left the truck and the parts there. So, we'll pick it up tomorrow.
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June 15th, 2016

03:02 pm - Truck Activities for the Day
Here's what I managed to do.

  1. Closed out April and May in Profit Gauges and get those two months organized.

  2. Made the bunk since we have clean sheets now.

  3. Put the truck rugs and mats back down.

  4. Change out the goal posts on our Brake Safe system. Yeah, all six.

And while I was at it, I discovered the front differential is leaking from the side somewhere. It doesn't look bad, but I'm going to have to have it cleaned off before I can pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from. I thought it might have been the plug at the bottom, but I tried putting a 1/2 inch drive socket into it and...it wouldn't even budge, so I'm assuming it's in there tight. So I don't really know, and won't really know until it gets cleaned off. Oy.

And to top it all off, tomorrow we wake up at 0400 to drive the truck into Portland to Thermo King, to get the damn APU fixed.
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June 13th, 2016

01:55 pm - That, as they say, makes the cheese more binding!
Just dialed up Thermo King NW. Earliest they can see the APU is Thursday at 7am. Well. Isn't that a pisser? No sense in going in beforehand.
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09:01 am - What to do with the APU and so on.
So the plan now is to get up at O dark hundred tomorrow morning and drive the truck up to Thermo King NW in Portland and get there as soon as they open. Then, while they're busy futzing about and fixing the dang thing, we'll take our van over to McCoy Freightliner, and pick up a dipstick tube and two fog light casings. The latter I can install myself, with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver. Another easy win. I did fill in the chip last yesterday, and now I should wait a little while longer while it cures. It's supposed to do that with UV light, and I finished just as the sun was going down yesterday. It might be done now, but it's no biggie if I wait on it some more. Heh.

Ain't this fun?
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