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February 3rd, 2017

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11:19 pm - But wait! There's more!
Oh joy. Now the OTHER monitor's dead as well. So I've got no monitor working at...all. At least I've got the laptops so I'm not totally dead.

So this ups the suspicion to the video card. Maybe it's sending some kind of spike and killing the monitors. Strange that this one was off when it happened. I dunno. But even so the card was doing acting kinda funny even when I bought it used. It was making traveling artifacts, which I suppose is a symptom of faulty memory. The A10 does have built in video on the motherboard, so I can use that while I shop around for another card as well. Though this means I now need two monitors. Oy.

In better news, I thought the touchpad on the Toshiba P775 had died. Turns out, it just needed cleaning off. Works okay now.
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