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And...yeah. - Messages From Another Time and Place

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January 6th, 2017

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12:35 am - And...yeah.
We've had a couple of sessions with a therapist, and I'm learning a good bit about my own (le sigh) adult ADHD. One tool to keep myself on track I've found in my wanderings is Kanbanflow.com. It's nice in that it starts out with four columns, To do, to do today, IN PROCESS, and DONE(Emphasis mine). Basically it's to have no more than three tasks in process at any given time. I actually did pretty well with it for the first day. Still didn't get everything I wanted done, but it's not that bad. Still need to do finances and shopping tomorrow.

Oh, speaking of which, the Borg Printer as I call it (HP 8250) has bitten the dust. I've looked on Amazon for exact replacements, and I can either pick up a used one for around $145, or just head down first to Goodwill and possibly find a good one for about $20, and failing that pick up a new one across the street at Staples for about $90. We never printed that many photos and could use a printer on the Ubuntu network other than the Canon, which supposedly writes really crappy drivers for Linux. This seems to be rather borne out by experience, as I've had trouble printing on the Canon from across the network. In Winduhs it works just fine.

Speaking of which, it looks like I'll be loading this year's Turbotax onto the P.O.S AMD A6 running Win10 at a snail's pace. Win7 on the Lenovo just won't update. It sits there and sits there and sits there looking for updates. I've tried resetting things to no avail. So! I suppose I could take this unregistered copy of Win8 previously owned but not used by my now deceased mother-in-law and start over on that machine, but I really don't want to rebuild it yet again, and then have to repeat the process once I finally DO buy an honest to goodness replacement for it, and THEN have to seek out some flavor of Winduhs to put on it. Best just to save it. Verily.

Now, it's also quite ridiculous to try and take FOUR laptops on the road. Three max. So who stays this time? Both Toshiba's(i7 and A6) go with. I'm thinking because of its fragility I'm leaving the Lenovo here this time. So the backup will be wee little Bes, the HP with a 14 inch screen.
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