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November 15th, 2015

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12:43 pm - At loose ends.
"Don't worry honey. I've got this." That's a phrase I need to learn to use AND then follow through on it. How sneaky, and yet how effective.

Some other things to do, and say.

  • Have an early Xmas present to pick up, before it goes away at this price. Not saying what it is because I don't want to get scooped! :P

  • Figure out what to do to get Thanksgiving ready. I know some things, like rent three champagne buckets and clean the fookin house, but after that? Of course, we have truck maintenace thrown in the the mix now.

  • Maybe fiddle with the bluetooth speakers on our new lawn lights! Yes, having them play music does seem over the top, but perhaps a few soft Xmas carols at the right time...

  • Call Alpha Ecological, since they charged us double two months in a row! WTF

  • If at all possible, get our stuff out of storage so we can stop paying $165 a month for a temperature controlled room! Jeez.

  • Arrange to have the actual fuel pump replaced. I found out the FASS fuel system does NOT replace the pump, it merely augments it.

  • Call OPS as well, and consult as to whether we should change the oil in the truck, due to fuel dilution.

  • Update any ledgers necessary.

  • MAYBE install Win8 on the i7, but I should probably buy a new hard drive first for the speed. They're cheap, and I don't need much storage. Even a 500gb will do. Then I'd dedicate the 200gb for swap space and swap filing.

So, that's a small rundown. I'm sure there's more.
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