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October 7th, 2017

01:24 pm - The Left Hand Side is going pffffft.
What follows is a list of electrical issues dealing with the truck or household items that have suffered electrical disconnects.

  • The connector for the driver's side headlamp seems to have overheated, and the ground burned up, resulting in replacement. So far, so good. This is most likely at least partly due to the ECM telling the alternator to crank out more voltage than it really needs to over an extended time.

  • Last night, I discovered the left turn signal on the tail light wasn't working...again. First time round I just changed the bulb and all was well. This time I found the real culprit. A butt splice near the main connector to the tail light harness had corroded through and broken. So, had to risk the drive down to McCoy Freightliner and get another one. That's install now, so corrected.

  • Now I discover on this old HP keyboard that I got from Goodwill that the D key has stopped working. It already had a couple that weren't working, like the - key on the keypad, but those were easy to work around. Not so much with the D. So...looks like back to Goodwill for another round, since it's a USB keyboard, and the only spare I have is PS2, which ain't gonna work.

  • One on of our ScanGuages there's some solder joints that have broken, resulting in no backlight to the screen of any kind or color. It will be delicate to fix, but doable.

What do all these have in common? They're all electrical breakages that occurred on the left hand side. I keep wondering if this is the gods trying to tell me something, but if so, what? I need to contemplate this more.

Now as you can see from our location, I'm back home! So that much is good. More on this later as CCleaner wants to shut down Firefox which I'm using to type this entry up. So see ya in a few!
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October 4th, 2017

05:04 pm - At least the setting and possibly the soundtrack for a Samhain ritual
I doubt I can get it together in time enough to actually perform this year, but the time is certainly right. Now...

Picture a horse barn with a smaller corral off in one corner. Black cloth covers and obscures the entrance to it. This my friends, is the psychomantium, complete with candles, seat, and angled mirror inside.

Now the main section is covered in straw, and tombstones. Everyone should be in costume of someone well known and deceased, be it a celebrity, historical figure, or what have you.

Towards the back, there's white cloth draped across the entire barn, concealing one area to create a backstage, dressing room, projection room or what have you.

Soundtrack there's way too much to consider, but once the formal ritual is done I MUST hear Elton John's "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding". I MUST!
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September 17th, 2017

06:09 pm - I'm also feeling the urge to write ritual once more.
This time for Samhain. It's a sabbat sadly rather neglected within the pagan community in the Pacific NW. Time to change that.

I've got the setting at least. It'll be somewhat outdoors. Samhain SHOULD be cold and wet after all, and the end of October is exactly that in Oregon. But there will be a roof overhead, just with an open side. Weird thing is, I've got the stage set, and a basic soundtrack, but the form of the actual ritual, uhhhhh what? It should end with a partay though.
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05:14 pm - Of Parallel Universes and Visualization
Okay. It's been...way too long here.

One of the things that will happen in a future post is I'm off reading the book "Create Your Own Reality" based on the Seth Material. I've only gotten to the second exercise so far, but it is feeling like the way to go. This one to me anyway pretty much feels like your basic Behavioral Psychology, but if that's the case, so be it.

In summary, one is to list out one's accomplishments, and what one changed in order to attain them. Then perhaps a pattern to this will emerge. Or not. For me, the problems been thinking of an accomplishment that didn't eventually fizzle out. There's been...a handful perhaps. I'll have to go back and read through it again.

However, what's touched on me more recently came out on a Coast to Coast AM episode, mostly based on the multiple worlds theory. Wherever you are now, in a parallel universe exists the ideal of what you either wish to be or achieve.

To me, in its own way every universe has its basic "carrier frequency", sort of like AM/FM radio. Your current reality may be somewhere around 220Mhz. Your 'ideal' may exist on 290Mhz. Both frequencies are carried simultaneously over the air, or ether, or whatever medium it is. The trick is to make the correct choices where your own frequency shifts higher or lower, until it merges with the 'ideal'. Now I put ideal in quotes because it really is like Jeff Bridges said in "Tron:Legacy",

That's the funny thing about perfection. It's always right there in front of you, and yet you can never grasp it.

Meaning that when the ideal is achieved, it turns into the current state, at which point another ideal emerges, so one is always in a process of becoming, rather than achieving any final, static state.
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August 30th, 2017

09:23 pm - The vision comes together?
After watching the Livestream of Marianne Williamson's latest talk based on A Course in Miracles, it feels like the basics of an actual ritual or at least it's purpose is starting to form.

Human caused disasters - Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukoshima

Hurricanes - Katrina, Rita, Dennis, Sandy, Harvey

And as I gazed upon the pattern Harvey created over the landscape, it occurred to me. Hurricanes are the collective expression of both ours and the planet's own unresolved outrage and grief. I used to say that as we started coming to grips with the devastation our own species is causing, the Earth was nudging us, saying "What's going on here?" No longer. Now I think she's really gone to the "Hey, knock it off." phase. And if it really does come down to humanity or the planet surviving but not both, which one do you think will come out on top?

Sense a pattern here? It seems the scale of each succeeding disaster is larger than the previous one, as if our own collective unconscious is trying to wake us up to something, because it is.

I agree with her on at least one point. Unsustainable is too nice a word. How about self-destructive? Maybe that would work better.

And so as we gather at the Nexus, we gather not just for this little piece of land which we see around us. We gather not just for ourselves. We don't even gather just for our own species. No. We gather to make THIS spot, THIS Nexus a nexus for all the planet, because more than anything it's what we need. I know I've felt its potential, and now it's time to unlock it and let it do its own work. The healing powers of the Earth we haven't even begun to fathom. But as great as they are, they are still not infinite. There IS a limit beyond even which they cannot go. It is up to us to actually listen to it, and as small and powerless as we feel at times act upon what it says.

It's that time. Do it.
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07:24 pm - So, did a dry run.
So, this upcoming weekend we're hosting a campout in order to activate/uplift/something or another to the Nexus, as well as Labor Day weekend. So woot to that. We went out driving along US26 to try and find a spot to meet up with one attendee, who's notorious for losing her way. I knew of a few places along the way, west of Banks where US26 turns from a four lane highway into a two lane road. Sure enough, we picked the DQ at Manning. Well, oooookay.

But, now even the recycling and intial runs to Goodwill are done. The storage space is cleared out, and everything we kept within it has found a home somewhere in our house. We still plan to move the television to the office, and with a bit of intrigue I did find A USB docking station that just takes one cable and bam, it appears to turn the laptop into the guts for a desktop, just add keyboard, mouse, monitor, and any other peripherals desired. All for less than $100. This is important because mention was made of using the TV as a monitor, and this item would certainly help with that.

Other than that, we still need to actually write the ritual for the Nexus. Eeek. But I'm contemplating that this evening. So hopefully it'll be done. So yay.
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August 26th, 2017

01:29 pm - Eclipse and all
So, yeah. Got to witness the eclipse from the comfort of my back yard. Through the glasses it didn't seem like a whole lot, mostly the sun just winked out, and then came back. It didn't get night time dark, but the dimming did have a rather eerie quality to it. We were across from Linfield College, and we heard clapping go up once totality was achieved. So we joined in for that minute or so.

In trucking news, as you can see by our location, we're STILL home, and will be until 9/7/2017, when our next load is scheduled. The final parts for the inframe only came in yesterday. So the truck will be done next week, BUT we want to be home over Labor Day weekend to dedicate the Nexus, a shrine at Ffynnon, and indeed one I personally discovered. Now we need to dedicate it.

So, also back to the truck. We're hoping with the extra time the cruise can finally be operational again, and mayyyybe we'll have enough left over to get the A/C working on the APU once more. Urk.

What else? The cleaning out of the storage space is proceeding. We've been in contact with a service the can deodorize the china cabinet and the dishes within, which has been the biggest sticking point. Furniture-wise, there's only that, a stereo cabinet, a desk, and a bed frame left. We can give the old frame to the Habitat Re-Store, though I'm still not sure where the other pieces are gonna go, at least not without major moving things around.

Computer-wise, I need to swap out speaker systems between the two desktops, as th i7 has the capacity for four channel speakers, whereas th i5 does not, and currently has no speakers hooked up at all. There's also a hard drive fan I should install onto one of the i7's drives as well, probably the main 500gig disk.

I've got a bid out for one more 1T drive, and if I get it, I'll install that one in the i5 as well. Though sadly, it seems the TrueOS installation DVD doesn't seem to boot fully, so further investigation is needed, even though more and more this HP's BIOS appears really finicky as far as hardware and OS installation is concerned. Any OS can only be installed as UEFI, and I had to leave the onboard video enabled to have it work with the 2gig card I installed.

Yesterday, we tried to get out first to Evergreen, since a big band was playing there 7-8. Well, got caught up in a major financial meeting(is there any other kind?), and when we finished that and some shopping, we didn't have enough time left to get ready. So as an alternate we wandered over to Walnut City Wineworks, since they were having a block party, only it appears to have ended early, so nothing much to enjoy there. We did have the first day of Dragging the Gut, so got to see cars, old and new and in various stages of repair cruise up and down 3rd Street. We'll try both Walnut City and Dragging the Gut again today, only get out earlier!
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August 15th, 2017

01:53 pm - How about THAT?
I turned into a plumber today. Just call me Luigi. First, I unclogged the bathroom sink. I knew it would be a series of escalating steps. So I tried the easiest one first, which is just letting the water run till it backs up, putting the plunger over the drain, and whaling away. That didn't do it. In fact, it was starting to act like it did the last time it backed up, which meant escalating two steps. I had planned on simply taking the stopper out and cleaning it off to see if that would change anything, but no. I had a feeling that'd just be so much wasted energy. So to the outbuilding to break out the plumbing snake and the channel locks.

I got the pipes off and in went the snake. Fortunately the clog wasn't that far down, and like...ewwwwww. I yanked out a wig's worth of hair, with plenty of brown sludge clinging to it. At that point, yeah. Rubber gloves to clean it off. I took everything out back, but not before the snake flung brown gunk onto the left shoulder of a plain white tshirt. Lovely! But...cleaning it off, ran it down again just to make sure, coming back with nothing. So! I reassembled everything, and ran both hot and cold full blast to see how it would drain. No problem, and no leaks! Clean up, put everything back, and done! Time spent, appox 1hr.

Next task, replace the laundry room faucet. The hot water part broke off. I had turned off the supply line at the wall for hot to prevent further leaks, but sometimes when the cold ran full blast a little would leak out from the break. Once again, I needed my good friend the channel locks to detach the supply line from the hot part side of the faucet. Wasn't too tight, and it shouldn't be to prevent cracks and stripping to brass threads. The cold water side was simply a plastic spin nut, so yay. Supply lines gone, mounting nuts gone, remove spray hose from center, and the old faucet is outta there.

I didn't quite follow the steps as listed, because I tightened the mounting nuts down on the faucet before hooking up the central spray hose. It was just a quick disconnect anyway. So put on the supply lines last. Then remove the aerator and run both sides full blast for a few seconds to clear out the pipes. All good, and no leaks once again! Yay! Put aerator back on, clean up, and we've got a brand spanking new laundry faucet, with working sprayer.

This second one's really satisfying, because it's been on my Kanban list for like oh, say a year and a half now? Funny how time flies. And the day's not even over yet! I think next I'm calling up CopyCats and see if they can make three 14 X 17 inch prints of a JPEG of Sutekh I made some time ago, preferably on fairly heavy paper, maybe even cardstock. Then I'd take the three prints straight to the framer down the street.

But first! Lunch.
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August 8th, 2017

11:11 pm - Okay, finally wrestled this beast to the ground.
I weaned the i5 OFF the television and onto a monitor. I had to buy another Goodwill special with a DIV(DVI?) input, and buy the right cable for it. BUT...it works, 98% anyway. The monitor has one annoying bright line along the bottom half, but hey, I also managed to find a use for the 2gig card, so that's an added bonus.
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August 3rd, 2017

12:59 pm - Whoot! First successful UEFI install of Ubuntu!
I recently won an auction at shopgoodwill.com for an HP p7 1180t. Nice capacity at least. I took the 4g RAM stick and the 1tb drive out of the dead A10, and both those items work fine. The video is still being a bit of a bugaboo. More on that later.

It's not documented anywhere, but I'm suspecting that this desktop's BIOS is set up to accept only Micro$oft MBRs on a hard drive. This isn't so bad for a data drive, but it's absolutely murder for trying to install the OS. It took me three different versions of Ubuntu and probably over ten installs before I finally came upon the correct process.

  1. Create a small, say 100mb partition as the first one as an EFI partition.

  2. Have Ubuntu install GRUB onto that same partition, rather than the MBR.

  3. Install OS on second created partition, set up other partitions according to taste.

Now for the video. It seems like a second quirk in the BIOS is that it won't allow for a VGA out. I have two video cards I've tried like that, and of course the only input I have for my monitor is VGA. So next step is to try a DVI to VGA adapter out of the DVI port on the card and see what that does. It does work on the TV, with HDMI. So, something's obviously working. I suppose if all else fails, find a monitor with HDMI in, and go at it that way.
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July 28th, 2017

10:24 pm - Okay, so the order was reversed.
We had been putting off getting the truck into the shop for what's called an in frame, where the engine is basically rebuilt while still in the truck. We wanted to wait until
  • Our state return was deposited into our account.

  • We had deposited checks from a legal settlement.

Though when the truck started blowing smoke, we felt basically money or no, it was time to get this done. Then after we turned the truck in, what should happen but both of the above! We received notice that checks were being mailed out perhaps Wednesday, so we're checking our mailbox tomorrow to see if perhaps they came in. No better time than now!

And even if they're not, we're going to our storage space to see if we can clear some of those boxes out of it, perhaps all of them and figure out where their contents should go. That'd be quite nice as we could at least rent a smaller space for less money.
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July 27th, 2017

09:52 pm - LIke I give a shit any more.
Still angry. Still bitchy underneath. BUT my i5 did arrive, and works...mostly. That goddamn 2gig video card I bought is basically trash. It doesn't work with anything I put it in. That's three different desktops with PCI-E 2.0 X16. I dunno. Maybe it was meant for a different kind of socket. It's still aggravating. For the moment I went back to the card that came with it, only that one doesn't have a VGA out. I hooked it up to the television, which does have HDMI, and that worked. So it boots to BIOS at least. So in the meantime I had to order yet ANOTHER video card, which is due Tuesday 8/1.

The truck's in the shop, though no word yet on what's going on with it. Though with blowing smoke and burning the oil, I doubt the fix will be cheap or easy.

So in the meantime we'll be cleaning out that damn storage space this weekend, and finally we won't have to pay that $180 a month to keep it. It's taken too long. Well that and perhaps I can get a couple of other items still on the Kanban list to the DONE category, like installing the faucet I paid for months, if not years ago. And now, fixing that flashing at the bottom of the screen door so it quits catching. It just needs a little bit of straightening out, and a couple more screws in the right spots to keep it that way.

And so much writing.
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June 17th, 2017

01:00 pm - Okay. Finally.
There's a little money to put towards the personal fund. Though now the mate's birthday is coming up, and I'm all...duhhhhh, what do I get her? She mentioned "A Course in Miracles" translated to Spanish. That doesn't seem quite right though. Maybe some more Seth books. Maybe there's something special I can pick up at Sunfest, but I can't really rely that I'll find it there. So...kinda stuck. But we'll see.
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June 9th, 2017

03:04 pm - You know,
It's kinda hard to have a relationship with money when the answer it gives you 90-95% of the time is "No, you can't afford it."
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June 5th, 2017

12:42 pm - It's
just all so pointless and futile.
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May 26th, 2017

10:07 pm - In which our Intrepid Explorer learns
As I was hooking up to an empty trailer and pumping down the brakes to test them, I started hearing an air leak. The vast majority of the time it's coming from the trailer or the glad hand connections. But no, neither of them this time. I heard it from behind the dash, and that was the only place I heard it. Okay, time to break out the screwdriver set.

I got some panels moved and removed. There's a manifold of airlines with various sensors screwed into it. One of them was the source of the leak. Figures. The replacement sensor was only about $15, but the labor was $450, mainly because it was a service call. We weren't about to move the truck with it doing that.

And now...we lost our cruise control. My suspicion is that some wires got put back either reversed or on the wrong sensor. At least high idle works.
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May 14th, 2017

07:11 pm - Interesting Dream
I had my earbuds in, and it seemed I was actually with Tina Root and Susan Wallace of Switchblade Symphony. Actually there was a third gal there too, because earlier in the dream Miranda Sex Garden's version of "Lovely Joan" which they sing in a round. Looking back at the play history, Switchblade Symphony's "Cocoon" came a few songs later, but it's the second song I remember in the dream. Somehow, it had an air of finality to it, while the girls were running around and hiding. Now I can't quite remember why.
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May 13th, 2017

08:44 pm - So much.
Well, looks like the A10 may be completely tits up. I bought another monitor, completely removed any video card, and tried to boot. Even with built in video it won't even go to BIOS, or says it will and then hangs. I tried to reset BIOS, but even that did no good. Though looking at it now I've seen one good deal on Shopgoodwill.com that I'd have to drive and go pick up in person, but it's close enough I can do that. This time I'll look for another i7. I also bought a 2gig video card, but neither desktop seemed to like it. Strange.
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May 10th, 2017

01:17 am - The Nexus shall rise again!
Went back out to Ffynnon to do some clearing and defining work on a shrine that I myself have dubbed The Nexus. Wish I had some pics of the spot as it stands now. It stands on somewhat of a hillside, with its main feature being an immense cedar tree growing through the center of a cluster of vine maples growing at the bottom.

At last visit, the mate happened to plunge her foot through a yellow jacket nest built into the duff on the ground, and three of us had a gala time running away. She of course got stung the most. I suffered only one sting to the back of my left hand, which wasn't even that severe. Thinking about that earlier episode now, I wonder. Could that have been a sign from the site itself that it wanted tending? It had never happened before in all the years I've been there, and it didn't happen this time either during all the cleaning up, mostly and some planning.

I do have to say the energy was just humming once we did finish. Mostly it was throwing branches and twigs out, clearing rotting duff away from the trees, and plucking some dead branches down. Now we're considering putting in some kind of seating, or perhaps just laying grass down for blankets to lay over, with some of the Sword Ferns of course. It's a natural amphitheater. Damn, that felt good.
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April 24th, 2017

11:52 pm - Large Scale Dreaming
From time to time, it seems the scale of my dreams get huge, involving the entire planet. Whether it's from alien invasion(twice), or asteroid impacts, or tsunamis, or from last night open armed rebellion. Let's see what I can piece back together.

Seems like a revolution was being filmed? There were stuff about me pushing a shopping cart into a Safeway(grocery) store, and Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon being on clearance. Somehow the cart turned into my truck/trailer, so I had to drive it off the square I was in. I got out to the country somehow, where it was being filmed. Many small arms, guns.
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April 22nd, 2017

06:31 pm - Political Ponderings
Lately I've been wondering whether the Constitution needs a complete rewrite.

Some of what afflicts the country can't really be solved by government in any form.

There's been a devaluing of work in general. Forty years ago, you could actually feed and clothe a family(barely) on waiting tables or custodial work. Try doing that now.
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April 21st, 2017

10:24 pm - Nearly a month? This will not do.
Yes kids, this birthday is the big five oh for me. Half a century, and...freaking out a little. It's weird. Neither thirty nor forty had this kind of effect on me. Could be something about wanting to leave some kind of legacy. Or maybe it was seeing the remake of "Going in Style" last night with themes that are quite timely. Who knows.

Maybe it was also the dream I had a few nights ago about an asteroid colliding with Earth, and me being within sight distance at least. The ground heaved, and the last words I remember before I woke were "and we'll all die in a sea of lava." How nice.

So much I still want to write about, and of course now that I'm here I can't remember a damn thing. Yeah, I'm getting older all right.
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March 27th, 2017

07:47 pm - Who says cats are low maintenance? Part 2
Okay, I walk into the computer room yesterday to find two dragons broken. One is the figure of Zon 12, the other the older Fortuna computer topper. The mate says earlier she heard a crash followed by the sound of a thundering herd of cats.

So, until he frippin learns NOT to jump up where he's not supposed to, the door to that room stays closed unless someone's in there. Now I've got MORE epoxying to do.
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March 25th, 2017

02:11 pm - Who says cats are low maintenance?
Jeebus. We're busy cleaning off and out the upper bunk trying to get rid of the smell of...cat pee. Oh lovely. Though it seems the peeing's been focused on articles that have the mate's and my smell upon them, mostly mine. Oh, thanks.

Most of the bags are sprayed and/or washed, I just have one more smell load to throw in, and the cat shelter inside to spray out. Then it's clean out that damn upper bunk, which seems to be the worst offender. The mate is saying there's the smell in the side cabinet's too, but I can't smell it myself. Then again, I don't think my sense of smell is quite as acute.

Anywho, it's off to return a video, then keep working.
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March 24th, 2017

09:37 pm - And for the first time in a while, some good news!
When we went to pay the garbage/recycling bill yesterday, I came across a flyer that says they now can pick up glass curbside! Whoot! So now we have a shiny, new twenty gallon container to put glass bottles in. That eliminates one reason to have to head to the center now. Granted, after we paid our bill we still went there to recycle two dead monitors, one dead printer, various textiles, glass, and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee. Just kidding on that last one. But yeah. I've also at least tried to start writing some more, and even bass playing while I'm home.

I, well we still need to come up with a comprehensive maintenance plan for the truck. As with all these other tasks I'm buried under, the main question is when can I take care of it? Good question. My sense is that it'll simply be a sheet of paper placed on a clipboard with what to take care of and when. Online I'm noticing I simply don't seem to look at as much.

And well, let's see. Talked to the counselor today for further comments on ADHD. I don't feel like I got quite as much out of this session as in previous ones. Though also for the first time in a while, I drew a rune this morning. I got Raido, which I don't ever remember drawing before. Maybe there is a shift coming. Gods know we could use it. But then again, we can(and will) start applying at the beginning of next month to new carriers. The rates are quite frankly killing us at this point. I think we've come to the conclusion that we can't take as much time off as we'd like, but perhaps next winter we can. Stay tuned.

And, oh yes. Monday we go in for a meeting with the IRS to see if there's any way I can carry forward 2015's Net Operating Loss(NOL) to 2016. It means the difference between owing and getting a refund honestly. Here's hoping, and I may have to file an extension just to get this mess resolved. Gah. That'll be another first. But let that be the last NOL for me, please!
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March 18th, 2017

01:18 pm - Why is that?
Okay, so to comply with the current ACA or whatever sausage for healthcare reform is going to come out of congress, we've enrolled in a health sharing program. It seems like programs of this nature should not be the exclusive domain of the Christian right. I'm not at all sure what it would take to set up to set something like this up, startup capital, operating costs, minimum and optimum enrollment, reimbursement rates, what it should cover, and so forth. I suppose I could start with the program we're enrolled in now, and take it from there.

I mean, if the left really does want to help folks so much, why aren't they doing it this way? Is it just nobody's paying attention? I dunno.
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March 6th, 2017

03:53 pm - No, really not that much new.
Good loads seem like they're getting harder and harder to find. I'm busy working on switching carriers. I've ruled out ones that use both company drivers and Independent Contractors(ICs), and focused on IC only carriers. So far, I have two I need to call and ask the following make or break questions.

  • Can we run as a team AND for those times when the mate wants to stay home, solo?

  • Will they take a 2003 truck? Or does it have to be "X number of years or newer"?

  • Is it forced dispatch?

Whew. Almost forgot that third one. Yeah, we need to get on it by next month. I should even start filling out my application to Landstar.

I hate to say it, but Schneider is acting like just another corporation more and more that doesn't really give a crap about IC's, just about how much money they can suck out of those leases. Thank heavens we had more sense than to sign up for those. Rates are low. Payments are high. Nice to know what you REALLY think of us. And you wonder why we're jumping ship.
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February 18th, 2017

12:53 am - Oh Yeah. Fourth Meditation Iteration
I've incorporated a bit of "The Fire Mist Meditation" from Nicki Scully's "Alchemical Healing", but overall the process is still mostly my own. So...

Part 1 - Drawing the Light Down

  1. Visualize light from the cosmos gathering above your head. When it feels like it's gained the right brightness and intensity, draw down a straight beam of it into the 7th chakra, where it again swirls and builds.

  2. When it has gained enough, either speak aloud or silently think "My light is divine light. My spirit is divine spirit"

  3. The light comes down to the six chakra. Once again, when it's gained enough strength speak or think "My mind is divine mind. My thoughts are divine thoughts."

  4. For the fifth chakra "My voice is divine voice. My words are divine words."

  5. For the fourth chakra "My heart is divine heart. My love is divine love."

  6. For the third chakra "My will is divine will."

  7. For the second chakra "My creation is divine creation."

  8. For the first chakra "My life is divine life."

Note: For the wording, I tried to make it so that there's no separation between us and the divine. It's a tricky wording, but true. The divine and we are truly one.

Part 2 - Bringing the Earth Energy Up (Fire Mist integration)

    Now the energy continues to descend, down...down...down still further till it reaches the very center of the earth, that hot, glowing core. Once it touches that spot, it begins to rise back up the path we traced down.
  1. It builds once it hits the first chakra, nourishing, expanding, strengthening the work the divine light has begun. Once you feel a good point has been reached, speak or think "I live as the divine."

  2. The energy rises again, to the second chakra, and once again nourishing, expanding, strengthening and stabilizing the work begun. Speak or think "I create as the Divine."

  3. At the third chakra "I will as the divine."

  4. At the fourth chakra "I love as the divine."

  5. At the fifth chakra "I express as the divine."

  6. At the sixth chakra "I think as the divine."

  7. At the seventh chakra "I illuminate as the divine."

  8. The light then erupts out the crown, raining down onto you, and from the palms of your hands, even your fingertips. I always see it as hot lava, ready to fertilize and build, bring whatever's necessary to where it's needed. Think loudly that one word of healing only you know.

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February 12th, 2017

12:23 am - Review by the Grouch.
Tonight's subject - the movie "La La Land"

I dunno. It seemed like kind of a mess to me. One telling comment made towards the beginning about a combination samba/tapas place. "This place worships everything, and values nothing." That's kinda how the film seemed to me. The scope simply was too large and tried to stuff too much into what time it did have. Even though Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were perfectly cast for their roles, they couldn't lift the mess of a plot out of the mire it found itself lodged in.

That, and the ending just made me at first go "Well, ya makes yer choices and ya takes yer lumps." I'm sure lots would have been disappointed in the ending, but for me it was like "Yeah, sometimes in pursuing your dreams you pay a price. It's not always sweetness and light."
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February 11th, 2017

05:18 pm - Owwwww
How lovely. Dropped a log on my bare foot last night. Fortunately it's far less painful than it looks. One toe's pretty much turned purple. There's some stiffness, but really no pain now. Whew.
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